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all around me is sickness

My former supervisor (she retired a few years ago) just lost her husband. We’re going to the viewing tonight. Something very strange is happening around the college. In the past week we have gotten FIVE emails announcing deaths. Three people lost their moms, one person lost their dad, and one person lost their husband. In addition to that, I know of three people in the hospital right now. One was in the emergency room all day yesterday and another is in the emergency room today. Her husband promised to call back with an update as soon as they knew what was going on. At this point I don’t know the status of either of them but they are both still local at least. One of our teachers is in grave condition and being flown to Birmingham concerning his heart. I almost emailed him last week to gossip about the upcoming Harry Potter book and tell him I started rereading the ones that are out but was ‘too busy’ to take a few minutes for a message. There are about five of us scattered around the campus that compare theories about how it’s all going to turn out and he is my favorite theorist. It feels so weird that I can’t email now. The last message we got was that he needed a heart transplant. I hope they can fix whatever’s wrong and he recovers before the movie and new book and all that comes out.

This is such a morbid thought but it just goes to show you ought to say hi to people when you thinking about them – you might not know when you’ll get the chance again.

So, my friends, consider this a hello! I love you all and am thinking about you :)



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Feb. 23rd, 2007 09:34 am (UTC)
We love you too. It's happening here too... several people at work have been really sick. One girl has been out more than in.
Feb. 24th, 2007 01:00 am (UTC)
today, we had ANOTHER email announcing the death of a coworker's father. that brings it up to six, it's insane.

but on the bright side, my Harry Potter friend is having bypass surgery today and if it works out he won't need the heart transplant. the hospital thinks they can start with that. so the whole school is starting up a fund to raise money for him in case it doesn't work out.

i hope your coworkers feel better soon and you don't catch anything!! how are your teeth?
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