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Cat Power

Who was it? Someone recently was with me when we saw the words "cat power" and we giggled - thinking it was the next phase after "girl power" so successfully changed the population's mindset about "girls". Go Felines!

I just heard Cat Power on NPR's All Songs Considered podcast that was counting down the NPR listeners' votes on best CD of 2006. Cat Power was number seven and they talked about her infamous meltdowns on stage. I can see why people voted for her, she has a good voice.

Toaster, was it you?? You have to start listening to this podcast. I'm hearing all sorts of stuff i would not normally hear. Although, I did have a copy of The Seager Sessions (Bruce Springstein) who was mentioned on this countdown podcast so perhaps i'm not as out-of-it as i thought.


Did i mention how AMAZING the Beatles LOVE cd is?!?! OMG. It is the best Beatles related cd i have heard since the Beatles were releasing albums. It has totally blown me away and if anyone is interested I will gladly write an essay on why it is so fantastic.

The Cat Stevens/Yusef Islam CD is great - still the same voice, still the same sound. He always had a religious bent to his music, you could tell he was searching for something. And he always promoted peace and love and acceptance. He still is. Probably I still prefer Tea for the Tillerman or Harold & Maude soundtrack but nonetheless I enjoyed the new CD.

Triplets of Belleville did have more than just one song on it - that was a relief!

Now I'm just waiting on the new Speechless CD to arrive and all my musical purchases will be in. Until i go crazy again and get more. Which, sadly, this NPR podcast and others will cause me to do. Oh well :)



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Jan. 30th, 2007 12:48 am (UTC)
Yeah, I seem to remember something about 'cat power'.

Feb. 1st, 2007 03:07 am (UTC)
i was on my iTunes burning something for Karyn and noticed that on my V for Vendetta soundtrack there is a song by Cat Power!!!
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