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big bang quote

finally i am getting around to reading The Big Bang - i had forbade myself from reading any new books until i read some of my older books. anyway...while Fermats Enigma continues to be my favorite Simon Singh book i did find a line at the end of chapter three that made me happy. Hubble (the man not the telescope) played a big part in this chapter and in addition to all the sciencial stuff Singh does a nice job of describing the people behind all the science. well apparently Hubble was very happy to have attained celebrity status for his involvement in discovering distances of stars that settled once and for all the great debate over whether or not nebulae were a part of our Milky Way (the prevailing idea) or actual galaxies in their own right outside of ours. he became incredibly well known and popular and his observatory was close to L.A. (and he was married to the daughter of a millionaire banker) which meant he ran in the same social circle with people like Douglas Fairbanks and the observatory was visited by Cole Porter and others. So Singh wrote about how in 1937 he was Frank Capra's guest of honor at the Academy Awards by saying "The Hollywood glitterati were playing supporting roles to Hubble, who stood up to accept his applause, illuminated by three brilliant spotlights. He had spent his life staring at the stars in wonder, and now the stars were staring at him in equal awe."

I think i'm having the same problem with this book that i had with the movie The Birdcage; after having seen too many clips i didn't laugh at the theatre - there was nothing new. I saw Mr. Singh give a lecture about the book three times (twice on c-span and once in person at Emory University) so now while reading the book it feels like i've already read it. I'm 268 pages into it, though, so i'm not going to give up.

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