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Clueless Haiku

Okay, so I'm looking over reddheaded's site (go there now) and wow. I wanna be like her. How do you make the background different colors/change the layout? How do I add pictures? What are communities? Do I have to read the instructions?

I did finally add some more interests and join a community. Yeah, April! I'm too afraid to post any of my haiku to the community, though! I read some of theirs and mine are a bit dippy.

I did have one published, though - it's called the Preternatural Undulating Parrot Poem (A Dysfunctional Haiku). Yes, I know haiku don't typically have titles. This title is 18 syllables long and haiku have 17 - it's funny, huh? I belonged to a creative writing group called the Writers Cramp and one day everyone was venting about "things they hated". Someone complained about vampire novelists' overuse of the word preternatural. Someone complained about the word "undulating". Someone said they hated poems about birds. So I decided to write a poem to encompass it all. So without further ado...

The Preternatural Undulating Parrot Poem (A Dysfunctional Haiku)

I am like a parrot
Only not as colorful
And much taller

It's not even a good haiku, the syllabication is wrong! Hence the dysfunctional. What do you think? Will the 100 Haiku group accept me?!?!




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Nov. 17th, 2004 08:37 pm (UTC)
yes yes teach me oh wise one!!
Thank you!! I am so joining the Dragoncon one!

I tried looking around to see how to change colors and could not for the life of me figure it out. But again - tech field. I tried to get on again last night and couldn't even figure out how to get logged in! Sigh... John's going to make me a frantic pansy picture - you'll have to show me how to make it appear by my messages :)

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