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I am NOT the Queen.

We were over at soberchef’s for a graduation, housewarming, Bec’s birthday, Beth’s birthday party on Sunday. Monkeys, Toaster, Droidgirl & brother, Tickmosis and I rode over and there we met some of her local friends and their children. One of the little boys took to Monkeys right away because he could pick him up “with one finger!” I’m guessing the kid was about six and therefore full of energy. He kept trying to get Monkeys to play Frisbee with him but one time Monkeys was getting himself and me a hotdog. Another time he was getting himself and me a drink. It just delayed the Frisbee game a minute or two – but that is an eternity to a child and both times the boy was told he couldn’t play right then because he had to get me something. Monkeys did not mention it was for himself, too. I noticed the boy looking at me oddly as I sat in my chair swinging my feet and chatting with Beth or Spaz. He asked his mom where we came from and she said the beach. He looked doubtful. As if to say, you can't trust people who claim to be from the beach. I’m not entirely sure, but I believe Spaz & his mom went inside for something and it was just Beth, me and him outside. He could no longer bear the injustice of the game being delayed so that I could have my minions bring me more strawberry lemonade and then he spoke.

Him: “You’re not the queen, you know.”
Me: (surprised & amused by his affronted tone) “Yes I am. See my crown?”
I held three fingers above my head and started wiggly them. “It’s sparkling”
Him: “That’s not a crown. That’s your fingers. And you may be queen of your own house but you aren’t the queen of this one.”
Me: “Yes I am. I have a special license that allows me to be queen of this house, too. Bec signed it.”
Him: “No you don’t!”
Bec happened to come outside.
Me: “Yes I do! Bec (I called as she passed by on her way to the grill) don’t I have a special license that makes me queen of your house and my house?”
Bec: “Yes” as she kept walking. Bec, you totally rock.
Him:”I don’t know where you come from…” In my mind I pictured him about to say something like ‘round these parts we don’t cotton to strangers thinking they rule other people’s houses…’ so I cut him off to throw him off.
Me: “…the beach.”
Him: “look, just because you hold up three fingers above your head… "
Me: I suddenly stick my left hand behind my head, too.
Him: “six fingers…”
Me: I suddenly extend my pinky fingers, as well.
Him: “eight fingers… it doesn’t make you a queen”
Me: I pick up a yellow handheld net for some yard ball game and hold it behind my head and say “well, I have a halo, too. I’m an angel as well as a queen.”

This degenerated into a game of props that everyone participated in – by now everyone was back outside and sitting in a giant circle perfect for playing props. Since he was playing with all the adults and my perceived demands of food and drink from Monkeys had stopped he was content and no longer felt the need to chastise me. Words cannot express how cute the whole experience was. He was so serious to start with – though the finger crown did make him smile. I think, for me, that exchange was the highlight of the trip.



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Oct. 4th, 2006 06:03 pm (UTC)
That's the kind of thing I love children for. Also the reason I would be a little sad if we had children here. Because you guys rock and I would want you in their life.
Oct. 5th, 2006 02:56 am (UTC)
he was so serious!! he almost had me convinced - i didn't know what to do at first!! but then I thought i'd just mess with him a little and see if it would cheer him up. and if it didn't, then at least i messed with him so i got back. eeeeks! how ungrownup is that!!! but Toaster said if it'd have been her she'd have smacked him so i guess i'm not evil. (she was kidding of course)

yeah, i have told john on mulitple occasions that in a perfect world we'd all live in our commune and group raise the kids. they'd be super smart, belly dancing, tatting, wine brewing, crocheting, artisitc, creative, literate, and multilingual plus they would be able to shoot a gun, skin a rabbit and cook the best non-reciped stew ever. how amazing would that be.
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