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A Day In the Life

Really I'm just posting something because I want to use the word "beatles" in the tags because i'm trying to make the word bigger in my little taggy section. Apparently, judging by size, I created this journal for quizzes.

I'm on the schedule to teach again next Spring! I've been assembling new material and reading (they changed textbooks again) and revising my syllabus. I'm usually really scared about this kind of stuff but at the moment i'm more excited. i don't know if that is good or bad... The lead instructor for our College Success classes, and the one who picks the textbooks, came to me the other day and asked for permission to use some of the activities I created in the future edition of our College Success textbook!!! I was so honored! And shocked. Shocked and stunned. Very Stunned. The particular textbook they went with the last time they changed will modify their book to meet the college's requests. So they are going to take out some of the stuff they don't typically use and replace it with things that actually pertain specifically to our college...such as the on-line scavenger hunt that I created to familiarize students not only with what our college has to offer (library, fine arts, tutoring, computer labs) but also gain experience in maneuvering around the internet. People seem to know how to blog and surf, but don't seem to know how to actually find a specific piece of information. I do not understand that. But really, the main thing is making sure they know how to find answers on their own if they need a library book or want to go to the next home game.

My last mandolin lesson was a lot of fun! Instead of meeting in his office we sat out in a patch of grass near a water feature and worked on improvisation. Something i fear!! but have vastly improved as far as picking out melodies. now we are working on going from chords so he can improvise to me improvising while he does the chords then back to me strumming. i hate strumming. but it was sunshine and autumn temperatures and music so it was lovely. We need a band name now. Celtic Crap was officially rejected because we no longer play primarily celtic music and it was decided the name might put off potential gigs. Toaster suggested Au Natural but Chandler and I don't want to play naked.


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Sep. 29th, 2006 08:14 pm (UTC)
People seem to know how to blog and surf, but don't seem to know how to actually find a specific piece of information. I do not understand that.

Hee! My mom can relate. Although mainly she complains that her students never cross-check the sources they get from the internet and don't know how to use a library. She has told me stories of taking her freshman classes to the library and having them say, "Why do we need this? Isn't everything on the internet now?"
Oct. 1st, 2006 12:45 am (UTC)
ha! as a part of my class we take a real tour of the library and a virtual tour of the library website. i don't know if it helps that much, but i think that if they keep up their studies then one day down the road they'll remember they did a tour once and it'll suddenly click. i mention refereed journals and how you should copy the entire article because their references page will help you find other sources and might prove more useful than the actual article but that means next to nothing to a freshman. it's so funny listening to them fret over a three page paper with 5 sources - i keep thinking to myself, just you wait until you take a masters course you little whiney baby!! but you get there in steps and stages. they are cute and young :) i hope some of them do go on and when they do they'll think "oh, my college success teacher mentioned blahblahblah" and it actually saves them some time. that would be cool. it would mean i actually made a difference :)
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