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Our new entertainment center....

is nearly finished. It doesn't have the storage capacity one would think, but it's still looking pretty cool. Lots of work on it to go, but the fact that it's standing is wonderful. How amazing is my husband? TARDIS - TV and Radio Displayed Inside Safely?

primed and waiting primed and waiting Stage Two of the TARDIS. he still has to build the top, do the sides, more support beams, put in the windows, do the signs. Okay, there's a lot left to do actually. But it's actually up with the TV functioning inside it!
Toaster and MadLady Painting disbandedtoastr and MadLady Painting

The paint from our bedroom seemed like a good enough color and it's called Starry Night so that fits, too. See it's daylight when we started... Our TV is viewable if you look between the doors.
The Doctor is In? The Doctor is In?

Okay, the inside is still plywood but we're tired of painting. You can see it's nighttime now. reddheaded made the scarf I'm wearing.



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Jun. 23rd, 2006 03:38 am (UTC)
The TARDIS is SO freaking awesome! And it's freaking HUGE too!
MadLady's hubby is astounding. He built that that thing from scratch. The doors look pre-frab don't they? But they arent. He cut out each peice by hand.
I can't wait to see it when it's all totally finished. It looks great now, I can't imagine how much cooler it will be with the "POLICE" and "Police Call Box" signs.
Jun. 26th, 2006 01:15 am (UTC)
thanks for helping with the painting!! you're invited to help with the sides once he gets that part ready, too. oh, and the shelves once he builds those. sigh! so much left to do!!
Jun. 23rd, 2006 04:33 am (UTC)
ooooh. I get it now!!!
Jun. 26th, 2006 01:19 am (UTC)
ha! have you ever seen the show? sci-fi channel is showing the new show - the eccelston season - and it is fantastic! you don't have to have watched any of the earlier incarnations, you can start with Nine no problems. i cannot rave enough about the show - the old and new episodes are all close to my heart.

the daleks (this monster in the icon) terrified me when i was little!! they are one of the doctors great nemeses.
Jun. 23rd, 2006 10:31 am (UTC)
That is so awesome! There's also some people who changed their computer case to look like the TARDIS.
Jun. 26th, 2006 01:21 am (UTC)
that would be cool! john was wanting to build a Tiki God case for one of his computers but hasn't gotten around to it yet. i'd much rather have a TARDIS case. my computer does seem to take me through time and space, at least time seems to pass faster when i'm on it...
Jun. 23rd, 2006 05:07 pm (UTC)
OMG the timelords travel WITHOUT SHOES ON!!!!!
Jun. 26th, 2006 01:22 am (UTC)
well, each doctor has a gimick so barefooten will be mine!

you can't tell it, but i'm looking at my watch in that picture. to check the "time" i've traveled through. i'm a sad little monkey... lol :)
Jun. 23rd, 2006 09:12 pm (UTC)
How awesome is that? That's so freaking cool. You guys take the geek award. I should give you my Dr. Scarf. It's freaking HUGE. I keep it rolled up in a tube pillow case. How do you USE something like that??? The one time I tried it was more of an akward jacket with it wrapped around me 3 times.
Jun. 26th, 2006 01:24 am (UTC)
i don't know that i've ever seen your scarf!!! i could imagine it would be hard for people our size to wear. tom baker was really tall and it looped around him two or three times. i'd like to try it on, though!!!
Jun. 26th, 2006 07:41 pm (UTC)
I inharited it ... I guess sort of. It belonged to David, They ass I packed up his house for then he never paid for the storage unit. It generally stays all rolled up as a pillow. It's too HUGE to actually have been out anywhere. Next time I visit and I can find the thing in all my boxes I'll bring it along.
Jun. 29th, 2007 08:34 am (UTC)
Oh that is so brilliant! Seriously amazing. Thanks for the link =)
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