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I Smell Bacon!

I love Virginia! I would go THERE for vacation. I love the mountains and the fog. I love Pennsylvania! I would drive through there every day. I love the crazy curves and the rocks and the wildflowers as you coast down the road and the sudden panorama views when you come out of the rocks and see for miles and miles below you. Little white houses dotting the mountain sides.

I love NY. Hills and mountains and fields and grasses and trees I never see down home.  And there's a beautiful little waterfall over by Chittinango (cannot spell that to save my life).  I'm really hoping we can go back there today so I can take a picture. I had to go to the bathroom so badly yesterday we couldn't stop :(

Anyway, we are here safely and I'm stealing time on my uncles's computer but now I have to go. Breakfast is ready.



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Jun. 12th, 2006 07:12 pm (UTC)
I am amazed at you ability to make, not only 1 good sized lj post, but come back and make a 2nd and check your e-mail in 5 minutes. I usually try to check lj, myspace,e-mail before work and before i know it, its 7:45 and im not ready to go yet and have to be at work at 8.
Jun. 12th, 2006 08:08 pm (UTC)
LOL! i type really quickly. plus, I know that i will probably be very much cut off after i leave here. I'm trying to post and chat with people (which is severly cutting my mental capacity - i'm sure these posts are inane!) so i shouldn't get credit for posting if what i'm posting is gibberish.

i even checked 5 email accounts! but only one of them gets a lot of mail.

i'm HOPING that when we are out visiting midweek I'll get access again, but I'm sure it'll only be for 5 minutes or so, which means it will be another gorilla warfare strike at posting :)
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