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car working :)

My uncle in Syracuse has internet access so I've got five minutes before breakfast to check all my email and make a post...

Quick update on my car! The mechanic at the dealership said that the motor in the windshield wiper was messed up and they replaced the parts. I was without a car until Thursday! So I'm very glad we chanced it and drove home on Monday instead of staying at the dealership up there.

When I asked the mechanic if the wiper was under warrentee he said "God I hope so! Only 5000 miles on the car, if it wasn't I'd pitch a holy fit!"  I love my VW Dealership!! He remembered my name. He remembered my car.

My parents picked it up for me on Thursday and they had lost my paperwork so they chatted for a while as they redid it. He said he waved at me every morning on the way to work! Mom asked if I waved back and he said no because I didn't know his car or anything - he just always recognized mine with the daisies and waved at it. Isn't that sweet?

And dad couldn't figure out how to crank the car! So the mechanic came out and started it for him. Then Dad didn't realize he'd put the emergency brake on and told the mechanic the brakes weren't working. The mechanic said no way! He'd fixed them before himself! So he came back out and got the emergency brake off. Dad did something else, too, but I can't remember what. Mom had me in stitches telling me all the happenings. Anyway, the point it is... I inherited my lack of technical skills.


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