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CD Baby/Podcasts and NY or Bust

Well, i'm supposed to be packing or something getting ready for my trip. Actually, i have nearly everything checked on my checklist so I did okay. Just the camera really left to do. but what am i doing? playing online! i'll be off line for a week! i need my fix!

I ordered from CD Baby for the first time - thanks to Marc Gunn's podcasts. I had to have some of the CDs of some of the artists he's played. Sigh. but everything I've heard about that company is TRUE. they are amazingly cool and funny. I will go back again :) I should have done this sooner - i'd have music to play on the trip! my parents car doesn't do MP3s so i can't play the stuff i have been listening to.

anyway, nothing to say really except I hope everyone has a wonderful week! for my friends in real life i will bring back cheese curd. i suppose i can photograph it for my virtual friends, but that won't be as nice.


Jun. 11th, 2006 11:09 am (UTC)
I will! I got two by Rise (UK) and one by Keltic Calidascope (however you spell that) plus something else Celtic that was only $5 so i thought what the heck.

And this hotel in virgina has free internet so I have 20 minutes to write everyone :) Alas, I did not bring my lap top. But I just didn't think my Grandmother's assisted living facilty would have wireless! This will probably be good for me...

I don't know how you and Andrew do it! Bless you guys!! :)

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