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smart aleck comments :)

This might not translate well in writing… I have not the skill of the Toaster.

My office is in the back corner of our building and it opens into a wide area where four ladies sit at a counter to handle admissions/registrations/student inquiries. I can hear them from my office sometimes when the acoustics are right. Yesterday at 4:30 when the majority of us get to head home I heard Lorri talking about her sister being in Ireland on vacation and how jealous she was of her three week trip, the castles, the food, the music, etc. Shortly after that someone from the financial aid office was at their counter asking them work questions and when she finished she said “bye! I’m off to Paris” There was an eruption of noises and questions and gasps so she had to explain a friend was getting married in London and since they were going to Europe anyway they were making a bigger trip out of it. Jealous and excited murmurings I could not quite make out followed. A few minutes later I was ready to go home. As I was locking my door and throwing my purse over my shoulder I casually announced, “See you guys next month, I’m off to Spain” and walked out of the office. The room erupted into laughter, it was great. I was so surprised because normally I can’t pull that kind of stuff off with a straight face.

I made a lot of smart-aleck comments that day, though. I talked way too much during Batman Begins. I can’t remember much except I was proud of my “We call him Grampa Exposition” comment for when some old guy never seen before in the movie explained to his younger cowoker how some piece of machinery worked so that the audience would know why what was about to happen would be a bad bad thing. And dog-gone-it that was totally a superman forehead curl on the bruce wayne at the end of the movie so I stand by that comment as well. I felt very MST3K that night :) All the other stuff I totally apologize for!!



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May. 25th, 2006 10:16 pm (UTC)
hehe ....... you're a funny girl .... hehe
loved your office comment as you walked out ....... very visual.... =)

as for talking during a movie ..... i REALLY don't mind .... trust me
especially funny comments like yours .... hehe ...... i cought the "grandpa exposition" ... but i didnt catch the superman forehead curl .... i mean i cought something about a curl .... but now i get what you were saying ...... hehe

no need for apologies man ..... it's funny!

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