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First of all, it was amazing to be out with the girls – we haven’t had a real girls road trip where everyone was healthy and happy in way too long. We had all four of us plus four suitcases, four backpacks, blankets, pillows, make-up kits, toiletry bags, umbrellas, towels, camera bags, and ton of water in a VW Beetle. VIN is amazing – we took pictures because no one believed it would all fit.

And I did more shopping this trip than ever before. We each bought an outfit to wear for the next trip. We’re going to represent the seasons. I’m autumn in russets, browns, and deep greens. Reddheaded is summer in the colors of sunshine (she got a gorgeous red bodice!). Toaster is winter in purples and blues. And Droidgirl is spring in bright happy pinks and florals. We also all bought tartan wraps because it was chilly the first day. We matched and the pickle vender kept doing a Jerry Lewis impression when ever we passed (Hey ladies with the matching blankets.) There was other shopping as well. This, too, was somehow packed into the VW. I’m on restriction from future shopping (only the new Three Quarter Ale CD) but I’m going to look fantastic as I stand around and encourage the others to spend! Ha ha! I’m evil!

We caught two of the bards shows, one of the Lost Boys, four of Three Quarter Ale, four of Joni Minstrel, both of Bret Blackshear, got serenaded by Gallamore, and saw one of the Tortuga Twins shows (the bit about wishing a happy mothers day to all the mothers…then all the mothers to be…then all the women who were just a little bit late…I nearly died. He said he waited all year long to get to tell that joke.) We also made it to both Pub Sings – my favorite part of the day. Did a lot of wandering around. Redd won a dragon at the dart booth. Got lots of good food – so far I have loved everything I’d tried but the strawberries remain my favorite. And we saw a lot of familiar and friendly faces.

The ride home was almost perfect weather until we hit Wing and the rain hit us. It hit us hard, too. Toaster is an amazing driver, though, and she got us through it despite a lighting strike in a field right beside us. We saw it hit. There was no delay between sound and light – it was right there next to us. Toaster temporarily lost hearing in her left ear! I was afraid of tornadoes in the dark but after about 30 minutes we were out of it. It did follow us home but we stayed ahead of it.

We keep notebooks in our cars to write down memorable lines and favorite moments from road trips before they are lost.
* Love me for me, not for my Friskees! (to her cat)
* Do I have to put the dollar in your tip jar or do I have options?
* The ill-fitting underwear protest (and lost parasols & small trunks)
* Who's your Daddy? (Sign for cheap and accurate DNA testing)
* FlufferNutters

Redd still has not seen the Zucchini Brothers, Blackenshear the Curious magic act, Mickle-A-Doo, or Ten Penny Traveler so, of course, we have to go back!



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May. 16th, 2006 07:35 pm (UTC)
Yeah, I was glad to see my kitty when I got home. She immediately attacked my feet as I walked in, then flopped over on her back and started purring incredibly loudly. It was a ‘welcome home attack’. My kitty loves me! (And my friskies too…)

I can't wait to get back to GARF!
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