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then and now meme thing

I got tagged by herzograven so here is my

Then and now ...
10 years ago:

*I thought I would never be married (I was barely dating)
* I lived with my parents
* I started working for the college as a registration/cashier/center person
* I bought my first car
* I met disbandedtoastr, reddheaded, and libras_art

5 years ago:
(some of these were 6 years ago but they are major changes)

* I got married to an amazing man who proposed a week after we met
* I bought a house
* I moved to the main campus and improved my job title
* I was nearly finished with my masters degree
* I was thirty pound lighter, sigh…
* I made a whole bunch of amazing new friends - or my extended family that I "married into" (sarahtoalaska, tickmosis, enigmanna, mcamason, soberchef and droidgirl's brother. She and herzograven I met later on!)

1 year ago:

* In the past year, one of my best friends had a beautiful baby boy
* In the past year I lost an uncle who was great, a great uncle, a great aunt, and a neighbor of 20 years
* I got better at playing mandolin but still have a ways to go
* I took drum lessons.
* We were still putting in hardwood floors!

Yesterday I:

* made some imposters icons and played around on livejournal
* started working on plans for teaching this upcoming Fall semester
* ended up working late (it's registration) and got yelled at by people for no good reason when they didn't get their way when I was being nice and staying late to help out – grrrrrr!
* baked a cake!
* watched Law & Order

5 Snacks I love:

* Doritos
* Cheese-Its/Goldfish
* dried pineapple & papaya
* granola bars
* Whoppers

5 Songs I Know all the Words to:
This is hard, how do you pick just five? These are ones I sang in the shower last night. Sorry if that's too much information! Okay not all of them, I'm not in the shower that long. But during the whole "getting ready for bed" process at least.

* Dance 10, Looks 3 (A Chorus Line)
* True Love of Mine (Lost Boys, written by michaelsproject)
* Skullcrusher Mountain (Jonathan Coulton)
* Mordred's Lullaby (can't remember her name from the Secret World of Celtic Rock)
* Okay, and almost every Beatles song

5 things I would Do with A Million Dollars:

* Save up enough and distribute it to my friends (most needy to not so needy) and my favorite charities
* Get a bigger house or build onto my house because otherwise our garage will explode in the near future
* travel, travel, travel, travel, travel, and travel some more
* have the best Christmas ever
* get an accountant & financial planner

5 places I would run away to:

* United Kingdom/Ireland
* Austrialia/New Zealand
* Greece
* an island on the St. Lawrence Seaway
* Atlanta (believe it or not)

5 of my favorite movies:

* the Imposters
* Galaxy Quest
* the Fifth Element
* Animal Crackers
* The Emperor's New Groove

5 bad habits:

* Low self esteem
* bad diet
* don't exercise
* fear of failure which also causes procrastination
* sleeping too much

5 of my biggest joys:

* My husband
* My friends & family
* Live Music
* Atlanta trips w/my friends (DraconCon, GARF, concerts, etc)
* feeling helpful and wanted

5 Fictional Characters I would date:

* Det. Robert Goren (Law & Order: Criminal Intent)
* Data (Star Trek)
* Several of the Doctors (Nine, Five, Six, Eight who am I kidding, probably all of them)
* The Nightcrawler (any incarnation)
* Dex from Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow

People I Tag To Do This:

* anyone who wants to do it!


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