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Not My GumDrop Buttons!

This weekend will be busy! I love the holidays!

We had our annual Gingerbread Decorating Party last Saturday. John will be posting pictures of some of the gingerbread men. I did the Lost Boys. They look a lot more like the Lost Boys than the Beatles I tried to do last year. The best ones were the Gingerbread Kiss John made last year. Gene Simmons alone was brilliant. Second place goes to Matt's Captain Kirk and host of Star Trek aliens from two years ago. We had 17 people over playing with frosting and sprinkles this year.

This Friday we're going to Kenton & Sarah's Yule party. At midnight everyone runs throughout the house lighting all the candles. It's a lot of fun. Before the Yule party I have an office dinner to attend so it'll be quite the night. Saturday we're going to John's office Christmas party at some ritzy restaurant. I'm not very ritzy - hope I don't embarrass myself. We're going to see Blade 3 while we are out. Sunday after church I will be grading four billion (okay - 26) portfolios and preparing my final grades.

Weekend after that I'll be working like a mad women. Like Santa I have a list and I'll be checking it twice. But my list will be potential graduates and I'll be looking to see if their grades were naughty or nice. Then Sunday Michelle & Emron's wedding. Then Monday we head to Wisconsin! Hooray!

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