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Yule Story

Major benefit of LiveJournaling – keeping in touch with your friends without having to use the phone. I HATE PHONES. Reddheaded and I were talking about how it makes it so easy to keep in touch with everyone. Now I need to track down all my old classmates, childhood friends, and penpals from years gone by and get them on here, too.

Speaking of phones. I’m on the phone all day answering calls from students (“Why can’t I register?” “When will my transfer work be evaluated?” “Why can’t this meet College Algebra requirements?” “What do you mean I still have to send you my high school transcript!?! I have a Masters Degree in Soup – I shouldn’t have to send you my high school records!”) so when I get home I refuse to answer the phone. In fact, I hate phones and never call anyone – not even my parents.

But I’m on the computer all day looking up college catalogs trying to match up course descriptions to our classes evaluating transfer work or looking up student records to answer those phone calls and I have no hesitations about getting on the computer at home. I spend a lot of time looking up lesson ideas or extra information to supplement what’s in the textbook so I’m on it nearly every evening. Heck, with this LiveJournal stuff I’m on here more than ever – I’m apparently looking for more reasons to get on-line. So why does one bother me and the other’s just hunky-dory?

Fun question of the day: Gentleman, “Hi, I’m calling in regards to the ESOL classes that were offered at the base campus but got moved to yule.” Me, “Excuse me, where were they moved?” Gentleman, “Yule.” Me, “I’m sorry, we don’t have a Yule campus.” Gentleman, “No, Yule.” Me, thinking he might mean ‘you all’, “Do you mean the Niceville campus?” Gentleman: “No, Yule.” Me, “I’m sorry, are you saying Yule or ‘you all’ as in you all at the Niceville campus?” Gentleman, “Is this the Niceville campus? I asked to be transferred to the main campus.” Me, “Niceville is the main campus.” We finally got it all straightened out and got him to the right location/right office but it was a Marx Brothers routine until then.

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