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Frantic Pansy

What, you may ask, is a Frantic Pansy? It's a state of extreme agitation caused by having a lot to do and not a lot of time to do it in. So my friend DisbandedToastr is getting married. We thought we'd gotten up in plenty of time for our to do list. Not so much. Pick up the dress - nope, didn't fit right. Had to be altered the day of the wedding. So we picked up the boys tuxes. Then we ran into town (30 minute drive) to pick up a feather pen, guest book, hose, garter, and stuff we probably should have already had but realized at the last minute we didn't. Oh, dropped off the tuxedos. Back to pick up the wedding license and rings. Then a 2:00 nail appointment that went LONG. Ran out of time before all of us got our nails done, but the bride's got done and that was the important thing. To the hairdressers! Which went LONG. Only the bride got done. We bridesmaids ran out to buy some lunch. I have an awesome picture of Toaster under one of those giant hairdryers eating a burger. Okay, so we still had to get back to the house and get into our dresses and set up the church. We did make it back to get dressed but we were about five minutes late to the wedding and we didn't have time to set up the church. But we had a lot of fun anyway. And in the middle of it all as we were running around like mad women Toaster stopped and exclaimed "I'm in a frantic pansy! No, wait, I mean a panicked frenzy!" But it was too late. A phrase was born. And most days I feel as if I"m in a frantic pansy.

Nice to meet everyone!


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