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Nursing, AFC, Flowers

Emily dug up some of her lantana that was overgrowing in her yard. :) She was really excited to do so - she even potted them with egg shells and something else I forgot that is really good for plants. And she bundled them in trash bags to protect our cars when transporting them. Hooray! Now if I can only keep them alive.

I apparently impressed D, A, C, and K by showing up unasked to attend the Nursing RN information session. They were there with computers because they were asked to help out should anyone have questions about admissions after the info session. It made for a late night, but I learned a lot from the meeting and it was nice to see Dr. Walker and Kathy in their element. They had a HUGE turn out.

The AFC meeting went well! I love AFC. We still had a low turn out, but that's normal now-a-days. Maybe more reminders and bribes with food? We have to figure something out. But I think everyone is also tired from all the work-related changes at the college. Maybe bill it as a way to "get away"?

Meanwhile everything is steamrolling. I need to take some time to plot out what I need to do for the upcoming events cuz I feel like things will start falling through the cracks soon: Game Night, Conference, Basketball emails, Parade, Holiday Decorations, Registration, Degree Works, Graduation, spreadsheets, Group Advising, Christmas and all the personal stuff (company, LARF, Atl) - Argh! I should have used my BNL Where Does the Time Go icon. It's all good stuff (or at least important to me stuff) but there's just so much at one time that it's a challenge.


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