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Fall Festival and Poetry

Lots of awesome today. I love the SGA Fall and Spring Festivals. Our game was well received - Monkees did an amazing job with the faces. We had several people tell us it was fun and clever! The table looked really cute. My volunteers were awesome and so helpful! But there weren't as many students out and about, so the turn out could have been better. I had a hot dog, nachos with jalepenos, a soda, and melted ice cream - pretty much what I will get for working concessions! I missed out on the french fries because the tickets weren't explained well. I missed out on a pretzel because I waited too long, and they ran out. Wanjiku kept making me get into the shade - she said she had enough redheaded friends to know I needed to stay out of the sun. It was so sweet. :)

I got to judge cakes today! There were some really clever and attractive cakes! We couldn't taste them, sigh. The judging was on looks. One of them looked very tasty.

The poetry! I love our group. I love Cafe Bienville. Amy's poem was so incredible. Patty's was lovely, too. I am so honored that they actually appreciate my opinions. And we had a Jill poem to read - Matt took a picture of us reading the poem so that I could send it to Dr. W. :)

So incredibly tired.

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