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Contact (Bigger Little Literati Challenge)

I took a break from the challenge since I wasn't going to make it in the timeframe anyway. Then I kind of forgot about it. I've read a lot of YA, cozies, and other stuff in the meantime. But then underneath that stack of books I found my copy of Contact/Carl Sagan and remembered I was going to use that for my "book made into a movie" so I'm back on the challenge.

I picked Contact because I've never seen the movie or read the book AND because there are too many books on our shelves that I haven't yet read to justify buying a new book. (The five new books I got for Christmas don't count because they were gifts.)

I should probably write a bit about Contact - I have a few pages flagged. Monkees was surprised I'd never read it before. When I finished it I mentioned how I'd heard a spoiler somewhere, couldn't remember where, and thought I knew how the book was going to end. So while I loved the book I was a bit confused the whole time just because I kept waiting for something to happen that didn't. I started the book expecting "It was her father the whole time" and even tried to figure out what that person meant. I mentioned that to Monkees and he burst out laughing, explaining that was a Southpark quote not a spoiler.

I'll write about Contact later. :)

Anyway - now I need to find my copy of the Hobbit and pick my childhood book.

1. A book set in a place you’ve never been
Alice in the Country of Hearts (books 1, 2, & 3)
2. A book that teaches you how to do something
Out of Our Minds: Learning to be Creative by Ken Robinson.
3. A book that most people have read in school but that you somehow dodged—until now!
4. A book meant for young adults
Flyte was on my original list, but just recently I read Cinder, Scarlet, and a host of others.
5. A book that was made into a movie
Contact by Carl Sagan
6. A book about another world
The Stars My Destination by Alfred Bester
7. A long book—one that is longer than you normally read
The Murder Room (An Adam Dalgliesh mystery) by PD James - though I've found most of my recent books have been 400+ pages, so maybe I can't count this anymore.
8. A book of poems
Cotton Candy on a Rainy Day by Nikki Giovanni
9. A book with a bird or fish on the cover
Too Many Cooks by Tamar Myers
10. A book you’ve loved your whole life

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