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Book six took longer to finish. Partly because some of my time was spent trying and failing to find my copy of the Hobbit. So once again fate chose my next book. I returned to the stack of books that haven't yet been shelved. I found a How To book in there that I'd forgotten I'd ordered. It was on a list of recommended books for educators I'd found via a twitter feed I follow for the college. So it became my sixth book and can only be #2 on the list.

Out of Our Minds: Learning to be Creative by Ken Robinson. ("Brilliant" says John Cleese) In the end I decided that I did like it. But for the first five chapters I felt like I was reading an infomercial. Lots of promises about what he was GOING to tell me about how to reform the education system to teach students to be creative but no actual concrete actions to put into practice. Consequently I was having to force myself to read, and that also slowed me down. Plus I tend to read nonfiction more slowly since there's no narrative to drive me on to the next page and since I'm usually taking notes or trying to process the information.

So I guess I have until end of September to finish four books. With Dragoncon prep, late hours from registration, class starting, and Dragoncon I am losing free time. I think I may reclassify Murder Room to "longer" book since it is pretty long at 500 pages. Then I can pick a smaller book for place I've never been and make it easier on me.

1. A book set in a place you’ve never been
2. A book that teaches you how to do something
3. A book that most people have read in school but that you somehow dodged—until now!
4. A book meant for young adults
5. A book that was made into a movie
6. A book about another world
7. A long book—one that is longer than you normally read
8. A book of poems
9. A book with a bird or fish on the cover
10. A book you’ve loved your whole life

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