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My friend posted her challenge back in June and gave everyone until August 1st to finish it. I didn't notice it until middle of last week. And considering two of the three books I picked so far have been 500+ pages, I set myself up for failure. Therefore today I've given myself my own deadline of two months from when I noticed it.

The Murder Room was a book a coworker made me borrow a few weeks ago, so I didn't select it for the list - I just knew I wanted to get it read and returned before I lost or damaged it somehow. :)

I confess on Sunday I looked over my shelf of poetry and plays and selected the slimmest book that I hadn't yet read. But that was back when I thought I could meet the challenge. I'm glad I picked it though, because one of the poems in the book, Winter, just had to be shared with the bulk of my Panhandle Poetry Society members.

Flyte was on my stack of "To Be Read." Every year at Dragoncon Toaster and I try to attend the Young Adult track's Book Picks panel. A group of school teachers, librarians, and children's authors share and discus their picks for that year's best young adult novels. I turn that into a shopping list and hit the used bookstores. I've found I prefer good young adult books to adult fiction because there is too much sex and not enough story in many of the adult books I've read recently. So for my #4 I just grabbed the next book on my stack.

And yesterday, with the deadline looming, I wondered what my next move should be.

Then I noticed the book that had been sitting on the corner of my desk all week. It had a giant blue bird on the cover. A bird. Surely that was a sign. Last week my mom gave me a stack of Cleo Colye CoffeeHouse Mysteries to share with a coworker. We have a lending library in our break room and Ana in admissions checked one out and mentioned to me in passing she liked it. I knew Mom had tons of them, so I spoke to Mom about lending them to Ana, and Mom brought in a stack of five books. But one of the five was actually a Tamar Myers cozy, so I pulled it out and left it on my desk to return to Mom later then forgot about it. When I spotted it I thought - "WOOT! I know I can read a cozy in a day." It's 250 fairly uncomplicated pages. So my bird was handed to me on a plate.

1. A book set in a place you’ve never been
2. A book that teaches you how to do something
3. A book that most people have read in school but that you somehow dodged—until now!
4. A book meant for young adults
5. A book that was made into a movie
6. A book about another world
7. A long book—one that is longer than you normally read
8. A book of poems
9. A book with a bird or fish on the cover
10. A book you’ve loved your whole life


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Aug. 1st, 2014 11:42 pm (UTC)
Yes, I've been feeling frustrated because it took me so long to get through Robert Slotkin's Lost Battalions, but it's a 500+ page book and very dense (but very good).
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