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29 Gifts: Days 27-29

My 29 Days are over.

Wednesday May 9th, Day 29
My gift was Haikupcakes. Our poetry group met for the first time this summer, so I brought 17 cupcakes and laid them out 5/7/5 on a tray. Then I put out two cans of frosting with knives and left a poem beside it: Frosting optional/but highly recommended/as much as you like

I got a lot of compliments on both the idea/presentation and on the actual frosting and cupcakes, even though they were just from a box/can. In fact, someone said “that’s so April” – which made me really happy. And it was the only food there and we met for several hours, so turns out it was really useful as a snack, so score! Then the leftovers I brought to work for my coworkers who were happy, I gave one to one of our physical plant people who happened to help a coworker carry a refrigerator to her desk so he got an instant karma thank you (he was actually really happy for the cupcake and ended up staying and chatting for a bit), AND I gave one to my dad at lunch today. Chocolate cupcakes are Dad's favorite, so he was super happy. That made the gift that kept on giving.

Tuesday May 8th, Day 28
I gave my free margarita to Tammy! I planned that gift weeks in advance. Yes it counts even though it was the free one. Normally *I* drink two and like them both very much, so I think that makes it a gift. I received a gift that night, too. Toaster drove us there and back. Thank you Toast!

Monday May 7th, Day 27
My gift was going to a friend’s father’s funeral. It’s weird to consider that a gift, but I had to arrange to leave work during a busy time (registration/graduation) and I was gone for two hours, so it was a sacrifice I made in order to be there. Plus, no one likes going to funerals. But I got so much more out of being there than I gave in going there. It was a really touching experience. I cried multiple times, even though I’d never met her father. I want to use the same readings for mine, I took notes on what the priest said, and I felt like I know my choirmate so much more now and have so much respect for how composed she was while speaking the eulogy.

So now it is done. 29 Gifts in 29 Days. I did manage to give something away for 29 days straight, but I don’t know how much of an impact it’s had on me. I don’t know if I was doing it with the right spirit or the right intention. I don’t know if I gave enough or if what I gave was too frivolous. Maybe I didn’t concentrate enough or journal enough or reflect enough or sacrifice enough. I don’t know. So I might try this again after we get through our upcoming travel-heavy weeks.



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May. 13th, 2012 12:05 am (UTC)
Haikupcakes? You are the awesome.
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