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I've been okay with gifting, but horrible with writing about it. I didn't even make notes, so I've forgotten a day. I'm not sure if I should just start over or work on trying to remember that day.

May 1 - Day 21
Gave my electric guitar to a friend. When I was 15 I got my first job just so that I could buy that guitar. Never really played it, I do better on acoustic. Despite that, I couldn't let go of the guitar because of sentimental reasons - I worked so hard to get it, it was my first "credit building" exercise, it was my first major purchase, etc. Plus it was hard to let go of the intention of learning to play electric, it was admitting defeat. So I held on to that thing for 25 years. I had even had people ask if they could have it since they knew I wasn't using it, but I turned them down. One of the major concepts in the book was letting go of something that was hard to relinquish - that guitar was that thing for me. Only, it turns out it was surprisingly easy. I never knew my friend wanted to play, but apparently it was a strong desire for ages, so it felt really good to give it away. And I was happy it was going to someone who actually wanted it and would give it a good home.

April 30 - Day 20
I brought in my camera card to work and gave copies of the pictures I took at our coworker's daughter's wedding. I had gone around at the wedding taking pictures of as many coworkers as I could so that I would be able to do this, which was a good thing as I was the only one of us who brought a camera. I even put the pictures on some of their computers, for the ones who wanted them but didn't know how to copy pictures from a card. (Yes, there were two people who had trouble.) Also, I wrote a bunch of letters to family and friends. I love getting real paper letters in the mail, and some of them aren't online, so it's the only form of contact they can get right now.

April 29 - Day 19
I'm going to steal one of the gift ideas she used in her book: the money I put in the collection plate at church. :)

April 28 - Day 18
I gave a wedding gift! And I got the opportunity to help the mother of the bride carry some pillars to the reception, which was probably the better gift. It's customary to give a wedding present, so that's a no brainer. But getting to be of use - that's awesome. She even thanked me again at work today for the help.

April 27 - Day 17
Even though it was embarrassing, I gave a package of M&Ms along with a card apologizing for not only not knowing a coworker's name but for introducing myself to him as if I'd never met him before. I thought he looked familiar when I walked into the meeting, but because he was standing next to a student and because I saw him introduce himself to my coworker Patty and shake her hand just after the student did the same thing, my brain said "well, he looks familiar, but he must be a student" and it shut down after that. Then about five or ten minutes later it clicked that he was one of our I.T. people, and he looked familiar because he'd probably been through our office with equipment. I couldn't place it right away because it was out of my usual way of seeing him. I was so embarrassed and didn't know whether to acknowledge my flub or ignore it. That day I ignored it, but I thought about it that night and decided since he had to know I'd spaced (I held out my hand to shake his hand and asked his name twice cuz I didn't hear him the first time - ugh!) it would be a nice thing to say sorry. I left the stuff on his desk since he was away. I got an email later that day thanking me for the M&Ms and saying he did that too/not to worry about it/and technically he was a student so I was right all along, he liked my AFC Facebook page that evening (I'd mentioned it in a meeting), and today he was in our area signing up for a class and he came into my office afterwards to once again tell me no worries. :)

April 26 - Day 16
I arranged for and bought a Kaps for Kids shirt for a coworker who saw us in our shirts the day before and was sad she didn't get one. (Thanks to Shelley from the House for making an extra trip with the shirts - I also sold three other shirts, which meant extra money for the House.)

April 25 - Day 15
Kaps for Kids Day! So I gave time promoting the charity and organizing the group picture.

April 24 - Day 14
Tuesday Night Margarita Club! I tried to give my free margarita to Droid, but somehow that got waylaid. I still think it should count because it wasn't me that stopped it from happening. We (John & I) gave time for everyone to sober up before driving home by riding together and letting everyone crash on the couch a bit after dinner. We always do that, but that doesn't lessen it being a gift.

April 23 - Day 13
I know I did something - but for the life of me I can't remember right now. :( :( :(

April 22 - Day 12
More tipping, but the big thing was that I drove the entire way home from GARF specifically so that John could sleep in the car and be in good shape for work the next day. I place gifts of sacrifice above monetary gifts. :)

April 21 - Day 11
I gave my dad a cone of cookies. I tipped performers (even when we weren't supposed to).

April 20 - Day 10
I drove the entire way to GARF so that my parents wouldn't have to drive at night. John could have driven some, too, so that they didn't have to drive - but I was doing okay, so I did the entire route. :) I think I did something else, too, as a deliberate gift, but I can't remember what it was right now.



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May. 2nd, 2012 03:07 pm (UTC)
I'm curious, have you been keeping track of the things that have come to you during your giving experiment?
May. 3rd, 2012 03:05 am (UTC)
Yes! Or at least I'm supposed to do that. Tonight I had *intended* to write about you doing my toes and about Jason bringing over Joel's cookbooks. But instead I ended up working on AFC Chapter of the Year stuff. :( So fingers crossed I actually manage to write about it in the next day or two. Also, I didn't write about my gift for today either. Journaling is hard!
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