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29 Gifts - Day 8

In the book she talks about how much she got back from giving - and not the happy feel good emotions of doing something nice for others, but actual STUFF. She talked of money, increased business in her company, physical items - that kind of thing. She also stressed that getting something wasn't the point of giving, I think in an effort to counterbalance all the "getting" comments. And she painted receiving and giving as a dynamic and reciprocal process, like the interconnectedness of all things. Even with that, I still felt like she was a bit of a salesman peddling her 29 gifts/29 days idea, book, website. She was making money off the book, right? So what was her real reason for being so enthused about giving - did she want to start a movement or make a profit. (Prophet or profit?) I'm really jaded sometimes.

But this morning after handing out the shirts to the people in my office, one of my shirt recipients showed up at my desk with a warm, freshly baked cinnamon roll from the cafeteria downstairs. She said it was a thank you for all my hard work facilitating the fundraiser. And for a moment I wasn't jaded, I understood what she meant by interconnectedness between giving and receiving.

Today my gifts were gifts of service.

I gave a coworker a ride to our fellow coworker's mom's viewing. Also,I passed regards on for another coworker and picked up a notice from the viewing for another coworker who couldn't make it. I think the hugs count as gifts, too. I hate viewings, but this one was quite lovely. They did a beautiful video tribute, and he stood beside us the entire time describing the pictures as they crossed across the screen. My other act of service was agreeing to take notes at the Staff Council Meeting because their secretary was out today. I didn't realize the magnitude of that agreement. I took 12 pages of notes. It took an hour and a half to type them up afterwards, so I gave them 2 1/2 hours of my work day. I ended up having to stay late to counterbalance some of the time. I learned I don't want to be their secretary when the current officers terms are up! So that's a good lesson. :) Between the viewing (1 hour), handing out shirts (2 1/2 hours), and taking their notes (2 1/2 hours), I am shocked I was still able to get some of my own tasks done!!


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