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29 Gifts - Day 7

Today my gift was time. In fact, I've used so much of it and am so tired, that I don't have the time to invest in writing this right now. :) But from 3pm to 10pm tonight I was working for the Kaps for Kids fundraiser - handing out shirt orders, checking the orders to make sure they were correct, helping with the silent auction & door prizes, taking pictures for our scrapbook and the house, fetching water, helping with clean up, helping pour pop tabs out of weird bottles, or whatever else they needed. Mom came with me and helped, too. droidgirl was there, and a coworker. We had a good time! We were at a restaurant that is right on the bayou; the setting was lovely. Ronald McDonald helped me spot the pod of dolphins that swam through while we where there!!

I got home right around 8 pm and spent 2 hours sorting through the 40 multiple shirt/cap/bag orders from our college, bundling and bagging for delivery tomorrow. I need to find a better way of doing that. I could just take the box as is and set out all the sizes and hats around my office and just have people come to me and me separate it out then - that would be way easier. But if I presort and bag then I know for sure that every order is right and ready, so I guess I sleep better not worrying that someone will pick up the wrong size and suddenly Ms Whatsface shirt is missing.

My description is so boring, but the night was really nice. Now I want to sleep.


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