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29 Gifts - Day 6

Today my gift was an Easter present for a coworker who joined the Catholic church this Easter. I had bought it for him before Easter (thanks Toaster!) and crossed paths with him three times between Easter and today, but always when I was away from my office and the St. Florian card and medal. He was a firefighter and created the college's Fire Science program, hence the Saint Florian, Patron Saint of Firefighters. So *finally* today I was able to give him the card. He emailed me a thank you with an exclamation mark (yay) and a few sentences about his journey and how wonderful the RCIA program had been for him. I realized the gift the RCIA group every year gives to me. Watching them during Lent, hearing the priest ask us to pray for them, joining them for some of the Holy days reminds me every year of my RCIA journey three years ago. It keeps me aware of how significant the season is - it's not just chocolate (no matter how awesome Cadbury Creme Eggs are) or dyeing eggs, it's the Passion. They inspire me to renew my promises, keep up my journey, and try to remember what I forgot in these three years.

Also today the tickets I ordered for Dance Facets arrived. One of the college benefits is we sometimes get free tickets to college events (student produced plays, orchestral performances, dances, etc.). One of my coworkers was going to attend and had a ticket for herself and her husband, I offered her my two tickets so she could bring her daughter, as well. We do this for each other all the time, though, so I don't know if it counts under the 29 Gifts rules.


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