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I got to make two full on D&D references at a meeting at work today AND at least one person (the person conducting the training, no less) not only got them and approved he returned appropriate comments.

He was explaining how to assign priority to QFlow tasks and commented that it was a bit tricky because you had to remember the lower the number the higher the priority instead of high numbers being more important. I said it was programed by someone who used to play D&D - lowest initiative went first.

In a deadpan voice he said something like "no one has ever made that analogy before."

Then after a longish pause and in a quieter voice he added something like "that was awesome."


Later on he gave me a +10 for memory when I remembered something from an hour earlier in the meeting. Then when someone said he was typing too quickly for us to take notes I said he had a +5 Dex for Keyboarding and he commented on his boots of fast moving.


Other non-D&D but still hilarious moments also occurred - some relating to the Financial Aid Office because they are always funny. Patrick's ability to multitask, for instance. When he was teaching us, as admin, how to pull up reports and see what other people are doing individually or in comparison to others for work flow management/time on task/etc. he pulled up Patrick's record. Patrick had been in the meeting with us for the past 2 hours, yet it showed he served 18 people during that time. So we questioned how he did that - his answer was he was good at multitasking. Then we looked at the Financial Aid office statistics in general and they had waaaaaay more people served than the rest of the offices. Which was impressive until someone mentioned they were pulling their own tickets, jumping around in front of each others windows, and saying "help me help me" so they could call each other. It was hilarious. Really they were practicing and learning the system (much like Solitaire and MineSweeper teaches dragging and targeted clicking), but it was a cheeky way of learning the system.

While most of us were "discussing" a difference of opinion, one of us said "well they can just draw on the back of their tickets while they are waiting" - and our discussion continued. In the meantime, our trainer got board and rewrote the text on our tickets to say something like "It's a drawing contest! Submit your entries to Olivia Little, Office 221. Good luck!!!" or something really cute like that. Patrick started laughing, our trainer said you're the only one paying attention to me, we all stopped talking and looked at the screen, then we all burst out laughing. It was great.

Lots of other funny stuff happened, too, but I can't remember it all. I do remember our trainer playing with the screens while they were in use in the lobby (saying LOL, changing the pictures to "horrible banner" for just a few seconds, changing the numbers around) but he was careful to make it quick changes and back to the way it should be. So it was funny to think what are the people in the lobby thinking for the split second the screen went crazy - and we'd all giggle. There were lots of laughs in the meeting. I almost wish we'd taped it - it would help with remember how to do things and be fun to rewatch.

I posted the D&D stuff to FB and got a few comments from gamers and coworkers about real playing and QFlow.These were my favorite of the comments:
Esmeralda Strangemother I have not played in years, but it does shape your thinking. I always thought of my old Malibu as The Golden Chariot of Chevrolet.

Cathy Shonk This is one of those conversations I simply adore, although I cannot participate in since my knowledge of D&D hovers around nil. But the commentary is stupendous!

Fraser Sherman Very cool. You must have been carrying a +3 luckstone to have such a favorable meeting.



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Mar. 17th, 2012 12:33 pm (UTC)
What a fantastic class! So many won't let you have hands on, you just watch the instructor (Or, worse, a video!) telling you what to do.

D&D has shaped my view of the world. I have a Bag of Holding, and sometimes a Basket of Holding, my boss is Selfish Lawful, and I have never ever rolled or experienced a high Dex.

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