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Vindication - ha!

today was actually much better than yesterday for the most part!

My office mates and I skipped the first of five meetings/events today. It was the overview meeting, not specifically tailored to our areas. We giggled a lot about skipping it and vowed to support each other and claim we had a rush of students/phone calls and whatnot that prevented us from getting away. The giggling and idea of being slightly naughty when we were feeling put-upon by authority figures caused some solidarity between us. (When someone involved in the meeting asked me if I was going I did tell her that I was going to skip it because considering the other two DT meetings/Open House events were unstoppable this was the only time I could get some of my work completed and with being set to be gone for part of Thursday I needed to make sure I got everything that was put on my desk today accomplished today. Otherwise I would have felt dishonest and guilty about cutting the meeting!)

Then one of my coworkers who called the way Bree and I set up the vault "retarded" asked to show me what she did with the vault during her rearranging. (Bree & I set up the vault as best we could, but I completely understood the idea that once you start trying to work with something you realize it would be better to do it that way - it's like moving to a new house. How many times do you rearrange your dishes and glasses before you get your kitchen flow established? So I wasn't offended they didn't like how Bree and I set it up, but the "retarded" description hurt a little even though it made me laugh a lot!) First, I felt really good because she said it was much harder to figure out how to arrange it/actually move the files to arrange it than she first expected it to be when she was just talking about doing it - it was kind of an acknowledgement of the hard work Bree & I did. Second & better, I knew she was sincere in that compliment because when she showed me what she ended up doing it was NOT what she described to me yesterday when she started on the rearranging. Yesterday when I came into the vault to offer assistance I had to leave and not help her because I could not follow what she was describing. She wanted the rows to go Row 1- G, F, E, D, C, B, A; Row 2 - H, I, J, K, L, M; Row 3 R, Q, P, O, N; and Row 4 S, T, U, V, W, XYZ in a serpentine so that when you were filing you didn't have to backtrack. I told her I couldn't visualize how she was going to arrange the backward rows - would all the folders be completely reversed so that you always walked forward, because it would be a pain to have to turn each individual folder around one by one. I couldn't figure out if she meant they would be backwards within their backwards arrangement (Mz, My, Mx...) or forward in the backward arrangement (Ma, Mb, Mc..). If she wanted it serpentine so you never had to back track then did she want to always be facing forward (Mz, My, Mx..) or would she be walking backward (Ma, Mb, Mc...) - I tried demonstrating, but couldn't get my question across or she couldn't get her explanation across. Finally, she said she did understand/have a plan even though I couldn't follow it - so I told her I was going to leave because if I didn't understand then I'd make a total mess of trying to help her. I felt really stupid, and I felt bad that I kept questioning her, and I didn't want her to think I was being deliberately difficult because she was changing what Bree and I set up. This morning she told me she got about forty folders into trying to go backwards, realized the question I was trying to ask her yesterday, decided she agreed with me that it was confusing, and gave up the serpentine system. So really all she changed about the way Bree and I originally set up the vault was turning it around so that the folders faced to the right instead of the left making it was easier for right handers to file. (Bree and I did the rows A, B, C, D, etc. She did the rows ... D, C, B, A.) This made me REALLY happy, because I was feeling really stupid yesterday when I couldn't follow her vision, and now I don't feel stupid. Yay!

The two DT meetings we had to attend were the best of ALL the meetings I'd been to - mostly because they spoke louder so they were easier to hear; they didn't um and were funny so they were easier to listen to; and they were the only company who figured out it was better to make their screens bigger even though it meant more scrolling around on the page so they were easier to see. Content wise, they tied as my favorite vendor. Anyway, although they took up nearly four hours of my day, I laughed a lot and enjoyed the presentations and felt like I got to know their system. There was one moment where I did get testy with an office related issue - but Bree and I had a nice discussion about it since we're both feeling this response to this stimuli, so not being alone in it helped and getting to vent helped.

The Open House was fun! The food was GOOD and I ate more than I ought. I got a free t-shirt, but it's too big for me because they were out of my size. The presentation and food only took up about 30 minutes, so I was still able to get a short walk in! And with the tours coming through, I got to show my office off to Rhonda and the girls from graphics. (More time out of my day not working, but still it was nice.)

Jason called me! So I got to talk to him a little bit and even made him laugh. Also, I got permission to take off as much time as I needed for the funeral.

I still managed to get everything that was given to me work wise finished today. (Although I know of at least three things that would have been given to me had the other people not been so interrupted by the days events, so they will be hitting me hard tomorrow. I really hope I get crazy amounts of work done tomorrow to forestall things getting out of hand. With the changes coming down the pike I think we're in for serious workloads.)

The AFC Gathering afterwards that I didn't want to go to because I'm tired and wanted to exercise and didn't feel like company turned out to be a lot of fun! I took loads of pictures and got to visit with coworkers I don't normally get to see and between registration, our new building, some of the other changes around campus, and upcoming aFC events we had LOADS to talk about. And I didn't eat - yay!

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