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more venting about work, what else?

Chaos and chaos and more chaos.

I do love where I work. I do love our new building, despite some crazy flaws in the design. I do recognize that administrators are probably doing the best they can with what the economy and enrollment is giving them right now.

It feels like everyone in our office is out of sorts - I think it's because our stuff is out of sorts. We're still feeling our way around after the move. Nothing is in a familiar place. And on top of the physical world being turned upside down, our jobs are sort of being reassessed and what we do is being kind of turned upside down. Not that we've had much time to actually work. We've been having way too many meetings as three rival companies are vying for the college's attention. Many of us are a bit jaded, thinking that our opinions aren't going to be listened to, so why do we have to give up hours and hours from our day to sit for the company presentations. And we also have heard that the company presenters will say anything they can to woo us, so how much of what they say is believable anyway. I have two meetings tomorrow AND and open house event where we are supposed to be showing off our new building to the staff and students - not sure how that will be balanced. And really what I ought to be doing is checking graduates since the deadline has finally passed for any late transcripts/grades to be counted in toward meeting graduation requirements AND we're supposedly meeting with the registrar and her second in regards to how my/KC/BD's jobs are being revamped. It's occasionally manic and giggly in the office, it's occasionally fun to show off what we have set up (though not completely set up) to visitors, but also it's really stressful and there's a lot of near bickering going on.I'm tired. Earlier today I was tempted to go to the Registrar and warn her that morale in the offices outside of mine is kind of down right now, but she's just as overworked and stressed and unhappy as we are, poor thing.

I overheard two coworkers complaining about how the files were set up in the vault (the word "retarded" was used several times) - not realizing, I'm sure, that Bree and I were the ones who set up the files in the vault. Or maybe they did know who set up the files, and instead didn't realize that I could hear them. Hahahahahaha.

I'm tired and sad and hungry right now.

Joel's services are Thursday - I really really hope nothing happens at work that would get in the way of me attending. I will be attending regardless, but I don't want to add to the stress levels.


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Jan. 31st, 2012 04:51 pm (UTC)
Keep hanging in there! It's got to get better soon. =o)
Feb. 1st, 2012 04:49 am (UTC)
Yes! Hopefully after Monday when we're done with Open Houses at least. Tomorrow is our last visiting vendor, so after tomorrow's meetings and after Saturday's Open House I think we'll be event free. I can't say we'll be back to our "normal jobs" because several of us aren't sure what our normal jobs will be until they finish the redefining process. (If they actually do redefine them - right now it's all talk about looking into redefining - although I'm pretty sure there will be some changes.

The getting used to the new quarters and resettling the relationships due to closer proximity will take some time, but that'll happen eventually.

I'll try not to vent to you too much about it!!
Feb. 1st, 2012 04:50 am (UTC)
Meanwhile my face is SO BROKEN OUT IT"S NOT FUNNY.
I am wondering if it's stress.
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