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Work Work Workity Work

Monday through Thursday have been super busy at work. I'm feeling much better about myself now that I have the evaluations back. I like that job better. I still have the bachelors stuff, but even that's been going well lately. But it does mean that I am significantly busier than I was, so I'm wondering how this will impact the stuff I do for AFC. But I want to get through registration before I start worrying about that.

I've gotten a lot of my office packed up. I think I could manage one or two more boxes tomorrow maybe, but after that it's stuff I'm actively using or stuff I have no idea how to pack. I'm going to ask about maybe taking over some of the artwork tomorrow that I don't know how to pack. I'm really excited about setting up the new office! Well, except for hanging the my pictures and diplomas and that kind of thing because I'm not confident in placement and hammering. Especially knowing that the college has been rumbling about appearances, so I'm not sure they'd like my aesthetic.

Meanwhile our enrollment is down somehow, so everyone's worried about the budget for next year.

When I do get some free time at work I want to make out a to do list for work and life in general.

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