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I should just get a calendar or date book.

Sunday 1/8/2012
Rita & Matt's baby shower with John & Lori. John made scones - ginger, butterscotch, & chocolate raspberry - which went over HUGE. I brought cucumber sandwiches. We used my Sweet Leilani dishes, and they looked super pretty on the three-tiered stands. I really, really, really, really, really want to throw a tea party now. Loved seeing the choir in another setting, loved Tony & Millie's house OMGosh gorgeous, and there were some hilarious moments and funny comments. I wish I had written some of them down.

Saturday 1/7/2012
Church - loved the music we sang. Epiphany, so lots of wise men songs. Loved the new priest's homily about different paths to the same location. (Three paths to the mill - straight up is shortest but very steep, to the right is very rocky, to the left is very smooth but the longest route but when you get to the mill the miller isn't going to ask "what path did you take?" he's going to ask "how good us your wheat?" - or something like that. Then the comparison to the shepherds getting there by direct angelic directions, the wise men by pagan/following a star as a sign in the sky, and Herrod/his men by consulting scripture. I had a lot of Narnia/Last Battle thoughts running through my head along with my last talk with Jason's mom. Saturday during the day did WW (up three pounds!), shopped with mom (baby shower frames), and watched some Pie in the Sky with my parents.

Over the course of this week we watched the first season and half of the second season of Slings and Arrows. I'm so amazed by the acting, especially Paul Gross - he's so expressive with both his voice and his face. I'm amazed by the writing - brilliant. And I'm amazed by Shakespeare and the staging of his plays. The show is about a theatre company staging Hamlet (1st season) and Macbeth (2nd season), so there are scenes with the director and the actors talking about their artistic choices, as seeing them analyze and interpret and experiment with the language, the blocking, the motivation, the scene/setting, etc. is actually inspirational. I wish the college had a class on Shakespeare. I need to take one of the literature classes to at least be forced to do some literary interp, but I'm too cowardly or intimidated by the idea of writing papers for instructors I know on a professional level. :D

Friday 1/6/2012
Other than the sadness over Olivia's father passing, work was fun, actually. Good spirits all around. Really busy - I worked solid. Got my BSN Incomplete review done, did Donna's BSE GPA list (including one bizarre student showing up unexpectedly), did evaluations, and the regular bachelors admissions stuff. Rode my bike when I got home.

Thursday 1/5/2012
Work was busy busy. Lunch with my parents was fun. Choir practice was fun - two of the songs were pretty hard, I thought, but everything was great on Saturday. Only Tony, Millie, Carmel, Lori and me at practice, so I could really hear myself, which is weird for me.

Wednesday 1/4/2012
I have no idea if anything unusual happened. How sad is that? I was thrown off all week not knowing what day it was because of the 4-day work week and coming off vacation.

Tuesday 1/3/2012
First day back, and we were packed!! I helped out with the line a lot (I thought) which made me a bit hyper. We were supposed to go over to Joel's and play Balderdash, but Monkeys was dizzy and not feeling well, so we called to cancel. :(

Monday 1/2/2012
Last day! Went to my parents and watched British mysteries. I think we went out, too, but I can't remember what we did - LOL! I am making these LJ posts because in November when I'm trying to think what to put in my Christmas newsletter I know I won't remember what I did during the earlier months of 2012, but I can't seem to remember what I did yesterday. If I had a better imagination I ought to just make up stuff for the newsletter.

Sunday 1/1/2012
Toaster called to let us know Joel was in town, so we called and were able to visit. We thought we'd just be there for an hour, but we were having so much fun we were there from 4 to 8:30!! Also enjoyed visiting with his mom. We brought some of Monkeys' black bean soup and some of the cookies I had baked for Christmas, which they seemed to appreciate, so yay.


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