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Mor Christmas break

Before I forget - and for next year's newsletter!?!

New Years Eve - saturday
Tammy & Shawn's (Wits and Wagers was hilarious)
Church - I wore blue by chance and it turned out to be perfect because all the songs were about Mary.
Read two books and rode bike to make the 50 Books goal and cuz I'm overeating.

Mom and DAd came up to help finish taking down Christmas decorations and watch mysteries. Monkeys, Toaster, Chris, Droidgirl, Mike, Tammy & Shawn and I went to see Sherlock (Toaster & Chris went to see Mission Impossible since they've seen Sherlock already) then we all met up at Applebees which was hilarious.The waiter was fantastic - he even managed to convince Toaster to drink a shot.

Went over to my parents and we spent the whole day watching movies (Wordplay, Becoming Jane) and British TV shows. Mom and I went for a walk. I left in time for choir practice only to remember we didn't have it this week! LOL! So I rode bike, read, and ate cookies.

Originally I had thought to go to Tallahassee, but Jay just had surgery, so we regrouped. I feel bad because I thought it was Thursday, not Tuesday, so I didn't post/call her for good luck. Otherwise, I can't quite remember what we did on Wednesday! But Mom, Dad, and I did something. I think we went to the mall? Or maybe Walmart? Wow - so bad to not remember!

Mom, Dad, and I went to Panama City so that I could get my free Red Robin birthday burger. We spent the day at the mall and any store that seemed interesting as we headed home (Ross, Pier1). It was fun to be in a city we don't normally visit.

Met Jenna, Toshi, and Talia for lunch at Thai Hut! And did the usual running around with Mom for after Christmas sales that morning.

Toaster & I spent the day at my parents opening presents, overeating, watching British telly, and playing the games Dad gave us for Christmas. Watching Dad trying to do Opera Man for the SNL game was hilarious. He just kept singing, "Take me to the music show" in a weird voice over and over. I told him to wave his arm like this (like I was waiving a kerchief - like Sandler did for that character) and Monkeys was able to guess the answer!

Two masses! Kids ringing bells! Exchanging gifts!

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