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Christmas Vacation Thus Far

So in trying to do my Christmas newsletter this year I realized how much I depended on LJ in previous years to fill in gaps in memory for newsletter fodder. This past year I didn't write in LJ nearly as much as in previous years. So I need to do better for next year, even if it's just a sentence or two every couple of days. So this is for me. :)

Thursday - mass and confession.

Friday - worked until 8:30. Karyn, Chris, and I were the last to leave. But we got it all done - all the graduations and in my case also all the BSE letters. It was great.

Saturday - went in for a few hours to do some evaluations since they've given that back to me. (Suddenly. Like Chris and I talked about the prospect of giving them back to me as we did my yearly evaluation then two hours later Olivia showed up in my office, dropped a bunch of folders on my desk saying "I haven't even looked at them yet", and then they were mine to do - LOL! I was a bit stunned.) Anyway, I also used my Chic-fil-a coupon for oatmeal - yay. Mass. Janice's Christmas party - which was a lot of fun. 1/3 coworkers, 1/3 post office, and 1/3 Janice's neighbors. So old friends and new people and a hilarious game of dirty santa.

Sunday - The live Nativity was AWESOME! Really touching. Monkeys came, too. Mass, procession with singing, the Nativity, and chili & cookies!

Monday - my parents stopped off on their way home from Alabama and we had lunch. Then Monkeys and I bought a Ford Fiesta.

Tuesday - my parents and I went to Pensacola, but it stormed, so we came home a little early. Hmmm, I swear something else happened after that. Oh yeah - Margaritas with Toaster, Droid, Tammy, Shawn, Mike, and Monkeys - awesome! And Toaster/Droid came back afterwards to watch a few episodes of Ballykissangel until they were good for driving home.

Wednesday - doctor's office/mammogram/all clear yay. Then spent a few hours with Charity & Steve and the boys. Went on a bike ride with Timothy!! Also got to see Janice and Jayden (?). Then over to the Walkers house to visit with them for a little bit.It was hilarious watching the kids open the cross and the candy I brought them. They are adorable and funny and smart and amazing. Then back to my parents where the four of us went to Sam's in Monkey's new car - we fit plus a TV. (Saw MaryLou Baker there, too!)

Thursday - back to FWB. My parents and I went to the mall, Target, Walmart, and generally roamed about. Choir practice that night and a surprise grandma shower for Patty D. Then gift exchange with Toaster. :)

Friday - back to FWB. Mom and I went back to the Walkers for a longer visit. Also, painted something, late lunch at Ruby Tuesdays with the parents, and watched Pie in the Sky. Tonight we're meeting Tickmosis and Kristen at Starbucks to exchange some more presents. EDIT-Kristen wasn't there! But they had pumpkin scones-yum!


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