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I had to work very hard on Monday to convince a student outside my door that the locked door he was reaching for was in fact the financial aid office's supply closet and not Dr. Sriram’s office. I told him at least three times, but he still disagreed with me. Yes, he know all the math classes were in building L. Yes, he knew the math lab was in building L. Yes, he knew the math departmental office was in building L. Yet he insisted her syllabus said her office is in building C1. He tried very hard to get me to tell him which room was hers – I’m not sure why he picked the supply closet except it’s the only door in our building that doesn’t have a name or sign written on it. I was just about to give up and let him try to get through the door when he finally agreed to try building L!!

Then yesterday as soon as a particular student left Carolina's desk I ran over to ask her if she watched Psych because the young man she had been working with looked just like "Shawn" from the show. She had never heard of Psych. Neither had Debi or Lori or Jasmin or Mia (Mia happened to be passing through our office and I grabbed her, poor thing). I was miserable. No one watched the show so they couldn't confirm/deny my statement and share in my excitement. (I had qualified it with "but I'm not wearing my glasses, so I could be wrong, and heck, he might not even be male...") Despondent, I left their desks and went out into the lobby to ask HIM if anyone had ever told him he looked like Shawn from Psych. He looked confused for a split second then broke into a grin and said he got that a lot. I told him he looked fantastic, and he smiled. Then when he left I flagged Carolina (all the girls were sort of giggling at their desks watching my exchange) and yelled "told you!" in vindication.

I also called my parents because they are huge Psych fans. Today, on the way to K Mall for lunch with my parents I even repeated the story. Less than an hour later THAT SAME KID walked past our table, so they got the chance to see him, too. How funny is that?

Yes - this is how I spend my days at work.


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