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What have I been up to?

One problem with not using Livejournal as much as I used to is preparing for Christmas letters will be a lot harder! I didn't realize how much I depended on LJ to write my annual newsletter. So I'm thinking I need to do a summery of what i've been up to, if only for my sake next November...

Sunday - Mom, Dad, Monkeys, and I gathered at my house to watch Johnathan Creek, QI, and IT Crowd while eating cheese and key lime pie. It was a good day!

Saturday - Heart Walk!! Mom, Monkeys, and I met up at the campus for the Heart Walk. Afterwards Monkeys and I stayed around to meet with other AFC Members and Tested out the water features around campus to see what we need to do for a successful Duck Race. I love that our college president is going to let us do this. I've been wanting to play in the fountains for ages now. Our ducks have a tendency to flip over, but it was still hilarious and a good first run to brainstorm ideas on making it better. That night I went with Toaster and her mom to a House of Saint Joseph meeting to hear a guest speaker/Apologist for Catholic Dogma. Toaster's mom bought me a Cookies and Cream Chic-fil-a milkshake.

Friday - our old reading group met at C&S's house for dinner and not reading. :) It was great to be back together again. Lots of talking, really awesome fish (caught by Steve!), my mom's awesome pound cake, and playing with the boys. I found a cute "I <3 My Mummy" shirt for her youngest.

I also had a ton of interesting meetings this week. The American Association of University Women hosted a representative from Americorps who spoke about volunteerism. We got to draw a map and brainstorm resources in our community and what our community needed. I got to draw YMCA as an Indian, a construction worker, a leather guy, and a cop AND the Americorps person excitedly volunteered to help me out with my Ronald McDonald House Fire Truck Pull next year! Also had a not as interesting but lots of laughs because my coworkers are funny meeting to brainstorm ideas about making our college admission/registration/cashiering website "better" - any ideas even impossible ones. Some of the funniest suggestions were "that the students actually read" because nearly every response is TL:DR no matter how concise and short we try to make the instructions. Then there was the Staff Council meeting where I had to keep from giggling or acting out when the discussion turned to "why can't career services employees teach classes any more" - as I am one of those people. I guess I'm jaded as I didn't believe much of what was given as reasons, but I didn't want to make a fuss because I don't want to start teaching again. I want to take fun classes and be irresponsible. But I was excited when talk turned to bringing back the Employee Fun Day Picnics and I've volunteered to help with that. Woot!

Thursday Monkeys and I had our music lesson. I'm so proud of me!! We met in the middle of a local cafe and played and sang and worked on new material we hadn't even practiced while people ate. Not like me at all! But we did well. I even sang Seminole Wind and Sunshine Go Away Today (??) loud and took lead! Plus, as much as it pained me I tried to be freer with my chords. I still suck, but I was brave. We've moved our lesson to Sundays at my parents house! LOL! Cuz our teacher got a gig on our usual night so we've regrouped. My parents are really excited and have promised us cookies and coffee and wine after the lessons. Meanwhile, I have not practiced the past few days, so I need to get back on the ball or they may not reward me with cookies and coffee and wine so I'll have to sit there sad while Jimmy and Monkeys munch out.

Last weekend was a Tallahassee trip! Yay!
The Friday before that was Janice's retirement party - had such a good time. I love my coworkers.
The weekend before that was a church workshop about the changes to the translation of the mass.
Jim was sentenced. Patrick came for a visit.
Would you like to know more?



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Oct. 2nd, 2011 06:12 pm (UTC)
Congrats on having a public music performance.That's very cool.
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