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You've Got Mail

Had the weirdest week a few days ago but didn't get the chance to post.

In the span of a few days I got in the mail:
1) A monkees concert shirt
2) A gorgeous wooden rosary
3) A set of Chathulu dice (Steve Jackson games)
4) A hat (it looks Tibetian to me, but I’m not sure)

That was the string of awesome moments.

There were also some not so awesome moments -

I was told I had a transmission leak then no, probably a rear seal leak then no, probably a vacuum seal leak then no, the people who changed my oil left off a gasket so it was actually a slow drip. Also, they overfilled the tank and it spilled. I can't figure out if that was a "YAY!" or a "SUCKS!" moment. Yay that I didn't have a several hundred dollar bill for transmission or seals, but sucks that I was w/o my car for three days and paid $100 for an estimate over someone else's mistake.

I was borrowing my parent's car during that time and they were using their truck - but their car was having issues, too. And their truck brakes were making noise, so they are putting it the garage this week and shopping around for a new car. We are having to take turns putting them into the shop so that no one goes w/o a car at any one time.

My parents had another water pipe leak coinciding with my car leak, so it's a leaky leaky weeky weeky.

But hey - Monkees t-shirt. :)


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