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poems and scrapbooking

Poetry Group was a success! I suppose I ought to post the poem - but I don't know if I want to post the original or wait until I decide which suggestions I want to incorporate.

I've been writing silly little poems for Sarah's knitting. :)

Tied dye, flower power, long hair, peace not fuss
Check out this hippypotamus
I'm free as love, so feel free to take
and do the hippy hippy shake

I share, I care
No need to compare
I'm the bestest friend
From here to there
Play ball, play chase
Take me home post haste!
May I recommend
We go back to your place!

From the top of my head to the bottom of my feet
I'm the sweetest giraffe you'll ever meet!
I'm not as tall as some other giraffes,
But I'm big on love, cuddles, and laughs.

Purple and pink - it's just as you think.
For an ordinary elephant, grey is classic.
As for me, I'm elaphantastic!

Meanwhile at work
Bree and I have been super busy with the AFC Chapter of the Year book. We are the co-historians for the college's chapter of the Association of Florida Colleges, so we are responsible for documenting which tasks our chapter accomplished over the course of the year in a kind of scrapbook that's entered along with the other 27 college's books in hopes of winning AFC Chapter of the Year. The the book goes into the college library as a historical document for the chapter and the college. It's turning out to be a lot of work! But I am rather proud of it and of my part in the activities. Our chapter did a lot this year! Terry rocked the concession stand and raised thousands of dollars that was spend on funding four scholarships (supporting ten students) and many charity donations as well as whatever the chapter needed for expenses (like scrapbooking supplies!) And we did a lot of chapter social events and charity events and workshops. I should have written about them - it would have given me something to post here on LJ as I've been derelict.

I want a cookie.


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Jun. 29th, 2011 09:53 pm (UTC)
I think you've been doing a great job on the creature poems! You are the author of more of them than anyone else! The funny thing is I was greatly encouraged to do the poems but almost no one is coming up with anything! Probably doesn't matter because yours are so damned cute anyway!
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