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Boy do I have a lot of LJ to catch up on - both the reading and the writing.
Where does the time go? (When it's not around here.)

Second poetry group meeting was really interesting - I like the people in the group. The only sad part was one of the poems shared tonight was about women waiting in hospital rooms as their spouses lie there dying. It was a powerful poem and and powerful subject worthy of the treatment she gave it - the idea that it's not just the patient suffering but also the caregiver. Only, my uncle passed away this weekend from almost identical situation as the characters in the poem so all I could think about was my aunt and uncle as the poem's subjects instead of being able to listen and critique it for her. Is that irony? I don't know the word for it. Actually, I can think of several words for it. Sucky, being one of them.

This has actually been a pretty sucky week with the exception of my getting to take my parents to GARF and the fact they really enjoy it. (Apart from my dad's speeding ticket, his almost having heat stroke at one point, and having to skip the second day because it was too hot for them - considering they had a blast even with all that and want to return in April next year when it's cooler I still consider the trip a giant success.)

Is it lay or lie? You lay a book down on a bed. You lie down on the bed, right? So as their spouses lie there dying is correct? Bleh. I'm too tired to write correctly. Or at all. Good night.


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Jun. 17th, 2011 11:11 am (UTC)
There is a song by Dar Williams called Mortal City. (If you don't know her I think you'll really like her) I tried to find it so you could hear it but I could only find a clip. http://darwilliams.net/music/mortalcity.html (I confess I didn't look very long)

Anyway the background of the story is a horrible icy storm and the city asks the city to shut off their power so the hospital could have it. Part of the lyrics reminds me of this.

"I think I have a special kind of hearing tonight,
I hear the neighbors upstairs, I hear my heart beating
I hear one thousand hearts beating in the hospital

and one thousand hearts by their bed side waiting,
saying, that's my love, in the white gown.

It's a beautiful part of the song.
Jun. 20th, 2011 02:06 am (UTC)
That is beautiful! And it captures the moment perfectly. I will have to search her out - sometimes I have luck on YouTube. (Then, if I like them I'll go on to iTunes or whatnot.) Thanks!
Jun. 21st, 2011 07:44 pm (UTC)
She has a fair amount of stuff on youtube, sadly not this song, but I really think you'll like her.
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