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My first productive day of Spring Break

I was busy today!

Mom got here around 8:30 - so we headed out with Cassie for her vet's appointment. The cutest older man with his cat Fluffy was there, too. He talked and talked about his pets - Fluffy was a feral cat they ended up with, too, so they had similar stories to ours. Apparently Fluffy only liked them, no one else. Plus they had two Chihuahuas, one of whom apparently only liked his wife - LOL! Cassie was awesome - terrified, poor thing, but she didn't bite the vet or the assistant, so yay! Then back home to drop off Cassie. She sulked a bit - kept turning her back against me and walking away from me. She even hissed a bit - LOL! But otherwise she was fine.

Next we stopped off at the house insurance guy - who repeated I should call the mortgage company to make sure they'd paid and was going to research electronics to see if we needed to add anything for Monkey's arcade collection. He reassured me should a pipe burst it was not "flood insurance" but "water damage insurance" which we had and talked me down from trying to increase coverage because of my awesome new bathroom, so basically I went there wanting to spend more money on insurance/increase coverage but left with the same policy and reassurances.

Next we stopped at the car insurance place because they sent me a letter saying "we're your new agent and looking over your policy, you have outdated stuff on it and we can save you some money!!" Yay saving money! Well, they were half right. They had outdated stuff. My maiden name on something, my husband's name not on something, an older car rental/towing something on the VW (I upgraded to match Monkey's - only $2.00), the wrong distance we drive to work (it was in there as 9 miles, when we drive 20+ which raised our rates another $4.00). That's not saving money, but that wasn't bad. The bad part was apparently the policy had something illegal on it - their error - something about my policy being "stacking" and Monkey's being "non-stacking" when policies have to match. Who knows. So up another $50. At least it doubled my coverage. Really, I wouldn't be so fussy about $60 if I hadn't walked in the door thinking I'd be SAVING money.

* Then we went to Publix - to hit the 2for1 sales. Cranberry Juice, Yo!!
* Then Starbucks!! Woot! The barista guy there commented on the Doctor Who shirt I wore and laughed at my explanation that I wore it in honor of taking my cat to the vet.
* Then home to unload and cook a healthy lunch.
* Then to WalMart for real grocery shopping.
* Then mom and I cooked Brunswick Stew for Monkeys for dinner. (Well, she chopped - I cooked, but I love that kind of teamwork.)
* Mom took out the trash. Yay Mom!
* Then we changed the bedsheets and started on laundry.

After mom headed home I scrubbed the kitchen and bathroom floors, scrubbed the toilet, cleaned the appliances, cleaned the trash can, cleaned out some of the refrigerator, took out the recyclables, finished washing the bedsheets, vacuumed, did a load of dishes, sorted more laundry for washing, washed towels/tablecloths/rugs, road my bike for an hour, and called the mortgage company to confirm they paid the house insurance. Also, John took out the trash from my cleaning out the refrigerator. Yay, John!

Tomorrow is another fun day - Pensacola trip with my parents. Yesterday was a fun day - Alabama trip to visit relatives with my parents. Monday was fun productive - car in shop for oil change and repaired tail light and picking up wedding/shower presents for my choirmate. Friday is painting day!

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