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Busy Week!!

Church three times in one weekend! And again tomorrow.

Busy week!

Yesterday was Confirmation Mass - we provided the music and it was lovely, if I say so myself. It was also a lot! We were all exhausted afterwards. Most everyone went home and took a nap. I ended up doing laundry and cleaning the kitchen floors/appliances, but that was mostly because they really needed it. I wanted to nap. Then back to church that night for the usual mass - and I was excited because someone I used to sit near when I went to the Sunday mass was there. I don't know if he remembered me, but I remember telling him when I switched services to join the choir, so I was happy that he got to see our choir perform.

Today is my godson's christening. So into the neighboring city for another mass and the christening and a late lunch afterwards with their family then popping over to my parents for a little bit since we'll be in town.

Monday is work then back to church for day one of Mission Week.

Tuesday is work and the AFC General Membership meeting then after work going to the Ronald McDonald House meeting (which means I will probably miss day two of Mission Week services).

Wednesday is work and class until 9pm, which means I will definitely miss day three of Mission Week services.

Thursday is work and the Spring Fling game I'm running and a gathering after work, which means I will miss choir practice.

Friday is work and a science seminar and an AFC social gathering where I need to take pictures and then the school play As You Like It (which is 3 hours, so I'm going to be thrilled but exhausted).

Saturday starts Spring Bread! Huzzah!! Although, those days are pretty much planned out, too. :D

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