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Saving a quote - page 130
He had from the first that full and final test of truly orthodox Catholicity; the impetuous, impatient, intolerant passion for the poor; and even that readiness to be rather a nuisance to the rich, out of a hunger to feed the hungry.

page 186
To him even what was momentary was momentous.

page 187 (Liberal)
"law, when it ceases to be justice, ceases even to be law"

--GK Chesterton / Saint Thomas Aquinas "The Dumb Ox"

Like that he praised the lack of elegance/wit/poetry in Thomas's writing (as compared to say Augustine) saying that while it may have lost the magic of words it prevented the abuse of words meanwhile Chesterton clearly was poetic/witty/elegant in his writing. :)

Also - Christian Scientist reference. I miss Wendell's class. :)

Also (page 191) line about "the power that comes out of the wilderness and rides on the whirlwind and breaks the gods of stone,..." -- I'm glad I've been reading the prophetic books recently because I don't know that I would have understood the usage of gods of stone otherwise. (Or maybe I'm misunderstanding the usage, but I think it's all the Biblical references to the wooden gods and stone gods made by men who have no life in them, etc.)

On Luther, page 194 - "He was one of those great elemental barbarians, to whom it is indeed given to change the world." Agree or disagree, what an awesomely worded sentence!! "He destroyed Reason; and substituted Suggestion." (page 195) On Luther's burning Aquinas's works... "Sentence by sentence it burned, and syllogism by syllogism; and the golden maxims turned to golden flames in that last and dying glory of all that had once been the great wisdom of the Greeks." (page 196)


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Mar. 10th, 2011 01:04 am (UTC)
Have you ever read Chesterton's Man Who Was Thurdsay? Very neat. The Father Brown books are fun mysteries too.
Mar. 10th, 2011 01:33 am (UTC)
I have not! This was my first Chesterton! And it was nonfiction. The Father Brown books sound like fiction? I will have to check them out. I wanted to read more by him.
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