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thunder & lightening!

Long & rambling posting tonight, but i haven't posted in a while so that's okay i guess.

I'm off tomorrow! John's off tomorrow! Hopefully NO TORNADOES!! the thunder had started up. we've had a few bands from Katrina & the Waves but it sure looks like Mississippi or New Orleans will get the brunt of it. I feel really bad for the Big Easy, cuz she's in no shape for a storm of this magnitude. but then again, who is really. I have done NOTHING to prepare for it, which is bad. Instead i'm sitting here reading LJ and eating ice cream.

John and I put in the hardwood floor in my closet - one more "room" down, just a few more to go. Lori and I went shopping today and I got some beautiful rugs for the Alice room and the living room. Wish I'd had them yesterday before John's birthday party. We had a lot of people over, some of whom had either never seen the house before or hadn't seen it in years so I wanted to make a good impression :D Anyway, tomorrow we'll be putting the baseboards back up and loading everything back into my closet. Hooray! plus, the closet is probably the safest place to be in the house...

John also spent a lot of the day working on the pachinko (sp?) machines Kenton and Sarah gave him.

I can hear rain now. After Ivan I get so paranoid that it's coming in through the roof. But we have a nice new roof thanks to Ivan so barring a torando i think we can stand some bad winds tomorrow. I don't know what 39 knots is, but that was the last projection for our area. Katrina is SO BIG that no matter where it hits we'll all get some nasty wind.

John's birthday was smashing! We saw The Brothers Grimm, went for Thai food at one of our favorite restaurants with 14 or 15 of our closest friends. Then most everyone came back to our place for cake and hanging out.

In other news, Toaster and I finished the monk robes for Dragoncon. We ended up making six. John should be making the boards at work next week. I will probably be packing tomorrow for the convention as well. We leave next Thursday and time is ticking away so quickly.

Argh - lighting. okay, i guess i should get off the computer. everyone please be safe out there.

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