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It can't be a poem. It doesn't rhyme.

I got to serve on the poetry selection committee for the college's literary magazine. I took it as a honor; although I could have taken it as "we have to sucker someone into doing it." It did turn out to be a lot of work. There were over a hundred poems submitted, and I read each one at least twice with a few days in between if possible (depending on how close to the submission deadline the poet cut it) - so it was time consuming. I tried to read them each more than twice, because somehow your feelings about the poem and understanding of it change with each reading. It was also hard because some of the subjects were obviously close to the poet's heart, such as death of a child or physical abuse. It was difficult to separate my sympathy for the person from looking at "is this a good and publishable poem" - I felt like I was insulting or hurting their feelings. I had to repeatedly tell myself the process is anonymous. Even with that, every time I rated something a one or a two I felt bad. It was also hard because I had to read some awful poetry. A few times I even laughed out loud. I'm not a poet laureate by any stretch, but oh my gosh! But there were a few truly amazing poems in there, and I'm so excited about having gotten to read them and gotten to assist in their publication. I had two favorite poems that blew me away and seemed world's above the other poems. I'm not sure why, but one of them didn't make the cut, which amazes and disappoints me. But the other did, and when the magazine is published I can't wait to post it on here. I can't wait to hear other people's opinions of it.

Darn it - I wish I had submitted some of my stuff when I was a student. Ah, well.


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