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My husband ROCKS :)

Today he
- set up my parents new tv.
- hooked up their old DVD/VCR player to their old tv (which they'd moved to the guest room).
- helped them pick out a computer (which they've been talking about for maybe a year now).
- set up the computer.
- hooked up their 10+ year old printer to the new computer and actually got it to work.
- helped them pick out a new DVD/VCR player compatible with their new tv.
- set up the new DVD/VCR.

He also drove them to/from the stores involved (there isn't a Best Buy in my parent's town), and he doesn't like driving other people's vehicles.

He also committed himself to being at my parents house from 8 am to 9 pm.
(We had to get there stupid early because I had to weigh in at WW.)

And he did all this while suffering from a cold.

And he was happy about doing it.

(We also watched Dogma and a Ms Bradley Mystery and made it out to see our friend Magnet5 give a presentation on Charles Dodgson. It was an eclectic day.)

Meanwhile my dad is adorable. He asked if he and Mom would be able to watch "the cats" once the computer was hooked up and they got internet collection. He meant Maru in particular, but I think one of the things that sold him on the idea of replacing their computer (something Mom's been asking about for months now) was being able to watch cats on YouTube like we showed him at our house a few weeks ago.

And Dad asked if he could borrow Dogma for longer because he wanted to watch it again and see the special features. :) Made me happy.

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