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More of the list done!

We did the house walk-through today! And we bought a dishwasher as well as new lights for the bathroom and some stuff to build shelves for the towels (part of the final few things to finish out the bathroom redo). I'm hoping to actually get to paint tonight. I'm not sure if this is correct protocol for the 101 in 1001, but it is stuff we want to get done.

Our Bathroom
53) Floor molding and fill in the gap in the wall.
54) Install the lighting we bought today. (That's actually more Monkeys than me, but I can put the bulbs in!)
55) Build the shelves. (my task will be more painting/prep work, some of which I hope to start tonight)
5x) Make drawers under the sink. This is all Monkeys, so I'm not giving it a number. :D
56) Baskets for the shelves & reorganizing the shampoos and stuff that's going in the basket as well as what is under the bathroom sinks. Organizing!!
57) Hang the fish and improve the picture frames on the wall plus add the two from Dragoncon.
Guest Bathroom
58) Cover the cabinet in the guest bathroom - to look like a tree stump.
Alice Room
59) Floor trim
5x) Finish the floor in the closet (this is all Monkeys)
60) Buy a new bed and new mattress for company. (Or at least new mattress.)
61) Repaint the bookcase - one to be like the Queen of Hearts carts, the other perhaps a chessboard
6x) Doorknob for A/C room
6x) Finish the closet floor
6x) Finish off the corner molding
Apple Room
6x) Door trim for closet & door
6x) floor trim
Living Room
61) Buy a new fan/new lighting and raise the fan
62) Switch out a white cord for the lights and possibly move them depending on fan.
6x) Paint ceiling spot (it's really high, so probably Monkeys)
63) Remove the black props for the frames on the wall, put up the three other green frames and mirror, and reorganize the frames
64) Fill holes in molding around French doors and paint
6x) Monkeys wants to redo the divits in the French doors
65) Scrub the window panes
6x) Monkeys wants to do something about the gap by the fireplace.
66) touch up paint by bedroom door
67) Finish the trim by the bedroom door
68) Weed out the cookbooks
69) Set up a composting station
70) Set up a better recycling station than the bag I use!
71) New fire extinguisher
7x) Monkeys wants to replace the light above the sink
7x) Monkeys wants to do something with the cabinets
7x) Monkeys wants to do something with the little gap by the pull-out island
7x) Monkeys wants to change the shelf above the stove
72) Crown molding (this may be more Monkeys than me)
73) Floor molding
7x) Monkeys wants to finish the terrarium
7x) Monkeys wants to finish the fish tank stand
74) Finish the floor in Monkeys's cabinet
75) Touch up the paint

76) Clean out my closet!!!
I need to purge some clothes, go through all the boxes, and set up more shelves or boxes or something!


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Jan. 18th, 2011 12:12 am (UTC)
Hey! I offer my free slave labor for any of these projects.
I love house projects! =o)
Jan. 18th, 2011 02:30 am (UTC)
Heck yea! Does any of them sound appealing to you? LOL!

Wanna be creative with me and redo the Alice bookcase some day? No time soon as right now I have stuff EVERYWHERE. I'm starting on tackling my closet and have succeeded in making a giant mess in the living room AND the Alice room. Anyway, when I have the space - I want to strip the brown bookcase in the Alice room and paint it to be like the deck of cards for the Queen of Hearts. I'm not sure quite yet what and how. Even though the back will be against the wall, I was still thinking for fun I would do the back to look like a card since it's a nice big expansive space the shape of a card. :D
Jan. 23rd, 2011 08:03 pm (UTC)
I must admit, even if we owned our house, I'm not sure I'd be that eager to work on it. I'm impressed!
Though TYG would have something to say about me contributing, I'm sure. :)
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