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First day back not so bad on the whole

I worked one of the centers today instead of the main campus. It was so weird being away from my office.

On the one hand, it was a bit frustrating because I didn't have access to any of my papers. The morning started off with a test score report for the Bachelor's of Education program that I was afraid I wouldn't be able to handle without access to the student files or my spreadsheets or the letters saved on my computer - but somehow I managed it and was rather proud of me. I also got several emails and phone calls from their office and was able to handle them, which shocked me. Color me frustrated but relieved. Best, their phone calls stopped by lunch, so they either got themselves into a groove or lost my phone number. I learned how convenient it is to be able to get up and walk to the vault to pull a folder or to walk into the Financial Aid office to ask a question when I can't get someone on the phone.

But on the other hand - it was so nice to be at a center again! There's a whole different vibe. Something about being unsupervised and independent maybe. Also, I think I caught a HUGE break, as I think the main campus was busier than we were, so I got to ease back into work. AND their campus is next to the city park, so down one little hill and across one road and suddenly I'm walking around a duck pond on a lovely nature trail kind of deal instead of my figure eights around the buildings. Woot!

Tomorrow I'm back to the main campus for the morning to catch up on whatever came in for me while I was out and to revise my out of office messages in prep for Wednesday and returning to the center. I may be dividing my time up a bit - one of my coworkers has a medical emergency, so I'm pinch-hitting.

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