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Quotes from a book (storing them here)

I bought a book for a friend for Christmas about being "Girlfriends," and as I am such an awesome girlfriend I read it first AND have typed down my favorite suggestions from the book, storing them here, since I won't have access to them as easily after I give the book away. :)

The night that your friend has been dumped, take her to the swankiest spot in town. Secretly arrange for the bartender to serve her a drink from an anonymous admirer.

Two weeks before Christmas, when everyone is really stressed out, host a tacky party (women only). Ask each friend to dress in her tackiest outfit, and bring a tacky appetizer (Jello_o mold, Cheese Whiz) and a tacky gift (fur-line teddy, lawn troll, Santa Chia pet for a white elephant grab bag. Award prizes.

When a friend is going through a transition or challenging time (birth of baby, lost of job, sickness in family, bad day) bring her a home-cooked meal including dessert.

Start a restaurant birthday club - Have each friend write a fictitious letter from someone in the birthday girl's life (1st boyfriend, mean gym teacher, kindergarden best friend). Read them periodically during the celebration.

Never criticize a friend's boyfriend or husband, even during a breakup. (She'll have plenty of bad things to say about him herself.)

Buy a friend the dollhouse/bike with streamers/Partridge Family lunchbox she always wanted as a kid.

Google the lyrics to a friend's favorite song and e-mail them to her.

Always make your friend's dog feel welcome, too. Put out a water bowl and dog treats.

Meet a friend at a cafe or front porch and watch the world go by together.

If a friend's boyfriend is perfect in every way except for those two-toned, weird sandals he wears, surreptitiously steal just one.

(paraphrase) When traveling and you find something super cool, buy two - one to keep and one to give away.

Rent a convertible with a close friend and take a long drive out of town.

For your high school buddies, create a playlist of hits from the year you graduated.

Meet friends for high tea at a fancy hotel. Wear hats and order in English accents and see if your waiter notices.

Write a bucket list with your best friend. Help each other conquer each life goal before kicking the bucket.

Talk in plural whenever a friend is going through something. For example, "Here's what we can do about that..."

When tragedy strikes a friend, casually remind her of someone very glamorous who has faced a similar humiliation or challenge.

Volunteer with a friend to do something that you both enjoy such as walking dogs for the local branch of the ASPCA, mentoring, etc. (paraphrase)

Give your friend a happiness makeover. Interview her about the twelve things she likes and hates about her life. Help her schedule more of the "likes" into her week, and brainstorm ways to change the things she doesn't like about her life.

Host a cheese party AS each person to bring her favorite cheese along with a new friend to introduce to the group.

Rend a limousine with a group of friends. Get dressed up like movie stars, and then go get fake eyelashes applied. Go bar hopping and see if anyone notices.

Take turns with your friends helping each other plant container gardens to attract butterflies.

Always check the sales rack in your best friend's size, too.

Always follow up the next day to ask how a friend's blind date/presentation to the board/parent-teacher conference went.

Learn how to apologize. Here's how: 1) Admit fault; 2) Say you understand the effect your actions had on your friend; 3) Show that you are truly sorry; 4) Promise to fix the problem you caused and never do it again.

Buy beautiful stationary and write letters to your friends. Remember the joyous arrival of snail mail.

Start a cooking club with your friends. Each month pick a new cookbook, ask everyone to bring a dish, and meet at a different person's home. Have everyone play truth or dare while enjoying the food.

Trade chores that you hate. Polish your friend's silver jewelry while she uploads your digital photos.

Bake cupcakes with a friend. Wrap them in a pretty shoebox and spontaneously deliver them to a pal who's down in the dumps.

Every summer, meet a group of pals to watch a sunset on the beach. Bring blankets and a picnic and stay to watch the stars come out. Make wishes on the falling stars. See how many have come true next year when you meet to do it again.

The Fun Book for Girlfriends 102 Ways for Girls to Have Fun, Melina Gerosa Bellows


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Dec. 21st, 2010 01:11 am (UTC)
Very cool!
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