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I love our college's Christmas luncheon because it's one of two times the entire college is gathered in one place. Even though I usually sit with my office mates, I spend loads of time wandering around the tables visiting with people from different buildings and different campuses, lots of hugs and holiday wishes and catching up. Our new president even gave us permission to shut down *our* office, which is a first as the registrar's office and business office, as opposed to every other department/office, were always required to leave a skeleton crew behind to service students even though on paper our offices were listed as closed.

As if that wasn't enough, there is free food, someone dressed in a Santa suit being the college's version of politically incorrect and hilarious, and door prizes that kick butt. I never win - we have lots of employees so even though there are 50 or so prizes the chances for wining something aren't that high - but I really enjoy seeing the prizes, joking with my coworkers about which ones we want, and screaming when people I like win something.

Only this year - I won!

Santa knows just about everyone on campus, so as he was given the names and the prizes he didn't just say what was won and by whom - he made jokes about what they would do with it or smart aleck remarks. So when he got to a $100 gift card from American Express and said "Aaaaaaaah, I bet she will use this to buy more Star Trek stuff!" I was stunned!! Everyone at my table exploded with "wooooo" and applause. Santa and I exchanged the Vulcan greeting as I got my prize. LOL! We had a really lucky table - someone else won a Nikkon camera, someone won a crockpot, someone won a turkey, and someone won a 32" Flat Screen TV.

Meanwhile, when we returned to the office grades had run. I did a really good job of preparing myself for BSE admissions and we only had two categories this year (in or out, no transitionals!), so I started on those while waiting for my AA no's. My AA no report was only seven pages this year - so I finished them by 7pm, much to my coworkers pleasure as they have to do stuff to them afterwards. (There are six of us whose jobs are independent and some overlap, so we are all working at the same time but sometimes you are stuck until another person finishes their task. My AA's come from Bree to me to Karyn to Bree plus the Registrar stays until everyone is done, so I work hard to finish for me but especially to finish for them. ) Then I finished up my BSE students and was ready to leave by 9:30/10pm - FINISHED! So I didn't have to go into work on Saturday. First time EVER! Of course, that's a big thanks to Bree/Beth for taking the posting job I normally do - one of my tasks was taken from my plate this year. I am not complaining! This has been the least stressful graduation ever! Yay holiday break!



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Dec. 19th, 2010 08:04 pm (UTC)
Dec. 21st, 2010 01:16 am (UTC)
Yay!!! I'm glad you won! Roxxors!
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