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Picture Spam! 40 Balloons for 40 Years!

The Picture Seen 'Round the Campus The Picture Seen 'Round the Campus
Bree took some pictures of me enjoying my balloons and emailed them to me. I didn't realize she also picked the most flattering one of them to the college's PR representative offering it for tomorrow's "Fun Friday Photo." Sylvia sent it to the entire campus with the caption "FUN FRIDAY PHOTO (a day early) – December 3, 2011 – If you have a milestone birthday around here, better peek under your desk or you might end up like April, records and report specialist in Student Services – Main Campus – who discovered today that it was a bit hard to get to her desk this morning on her 40th birthday! Best wishes to April and all those who celebrate birthdays in December." I got a great email from a coworker pointing out not only was it a day early, it was a year early (2011) - which made me giggle.
The Most Awesome Shoes The Most Awesome Shoes
As she handed me a present she said it would either be an awesome birthday gift or the worst gift ever. I said that was a win/win. She was nervous, however. Turns out she saw a pair of shoes in a vintage store that she felt SCREAMED my name, so she bought them even though she couldn't find a shoe size label on the pair. She figured it didn't matter as she didn't know my shoe size anyway, so she took a chance. They fit perfectly. Plus, the bow on the box matched my outfit.
The Shoe Whisperer The Shoe Whisperer
I was surprised that she actually got in the balloons with me! Bree did, too, but I don't have a picture. She did at least yell, "Bazinga" when she got in them.
I couldn't capture it in picture, but there was an impressive number of balloons. It felt like I was sitting inside a jar of jelly beans.
Estatica! Estatica!
Your hair would stand up on end crossing the threshold of the door!
Balloon Party! Balloon Party!
I love my coworkers - I invited everyone who came to my office to sit in my balloons and a surprising number of them actually did!
Balloons and Bows Balloons and Bows
Unplanned matching! Beth's bow perfectly matched some of the balloons and her wrapping paper was balloon theme - that was without knowing Bree's evil and awesome decorating plans!
How Can I Mourn 40 When I'm Turning 60? How Can I Mourn 40 When I'm Turning 60?
Not that anyone in the office actually looks their age. One of my coworkers joked about being asked to wear black in mourning. I'm including this shot to show some of the black outfits and the balloon wrapping paper.
Now You Have a Balloon on Your Head Now You Have a Balloon on Your Head
My parents came to take me to lunch, so they posed with balloons, too.
Closeup of the Shoes Closeup of the Shoes
Seriously - how fantastic are they?


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Dec. 9th, 2010 03:54 am (UTC)
Your co-workers are awesome. Balloons!

And those shoes ROCK! :)
Dec. 9th, 2010 01:15 pm (UTC)
ALL birthdays should involve balloons :D
Dec. 10th, 2010 01:31 am (UTC)
Hehehe. Awesome! And the shoes ARE fantastic!! =o)
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