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Trying to appear cool

Today when my parents came for lunch my dad had barely gotten through the door before bursting into a giant goofy grin and holding up a copy of a religions in America book. It was the same book he'd given me on Saturday as an early birthday present so that I could take it to class on Monday as additional reference for my presentation. When I spoke to my parents on Tuesday to tell him how the presentation went (as they were my guinea pigs for practice they wanted a full report) I thanked my dad again and bragged how my instructor liked the book so much he took down the title and author's name.

Dad also has a class with W - after their first class meeting Dad's comment went something like "Chickie, I see why you are so crazy about the man. He's a born teacher; really smart and entertaining, too."

Dad picked up a copy of the book for W as a "feel better soon" present and was so pleased over the fact he had to bring it today to show me. I laughed - because I was planning on ordering one for him, too! Dad beat me to it, darn him. And Bless him. He said I could give it to him. :)

I happened to have wrapping paper in my office. I gift-wrapped the book and dragged Dad over to W's office so that we could give it to him together. He was there (yay!), and we actually had a nice little chat. Well, Dad and W mostly chatted. But W did tease me that my dad was behaving in their class - I laughed and commented that I'd actually asked Dad about that while we were walking over. (I really did = I poked him and said, "You haven't said or done anything that would embarrass me so that I wouldn't want him to know we're related, have you?" Dad was noncommittal!)

All of that made me happy, because of my residual crush.
Then as I was leaving the office I tripped on a chair sitting in the hallway outside his office and nearly fell down.
He yelled out from his office - "Oh yeah, there's a chair there."
I'm pretty sure I lost all my recently earned cool points with that.

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